Peanut butter and jelly…hot dogs and baseball…Taco and Hot Pocket. Some things in life just go better together.

What a beautiful couple.

The 2018 Toyota Tacoma SR5 and the 2019 Airstream Nest 16FB just got done taking on the bright SEMA spotlight and stole the show at the MB Quart booth out in Las Vegas, NV, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

On the Tacoma, Brian Sherman, Vice President of Product & Marketing, commented, As the number one midsized truck on the road in the US today, the Tacoma was a no-brainer as a tow/demo vehicle to accompany the Nest. The Tacoma is a popular platform in the overland camping scene so our build needed be the real thing to hang in those circles.”

Taco’s true white comes out under that desert sun.

“Taco,” the Tacoma, features several of our mobile audio products, including some that are waterproof marine certified. Inside the vehicle, a custom install from Sound Xpression (located in Arizona) make the journey of getting to a destination fun and sound great along the way.

Don’t let the small size fool you, these three amplifiers produce over 1200 watts of power!
Short on space? The DS1 shallow subwoofers give you ALL of the bass in half the space!
A Pioneer CarPlay source unit is connected to the Tacoma with an ADS Maestro interface to display important vehicle information.

Brian concluded on the Tacoma, “Only the best parts from the top brands were chosen to make the Tacoma not only a suitable tow vehicle, but also a capable off-roader. The small cab space provided a perfect opportunity for us to show off our compact amplifiers and shallow subwoofers.

When you get to that Arizona desert campsite, or lakeside retreat in Northern California, finally all ready to set up, there’s even an audio system in the bed of the Tacoma that is 100% fully waterproof and is ready for a hurricane.

Never too early to start setting up camp for a night under the stars!

Just check out the firehose spray test below!

Let’s check out the Nest from the Airstream, we call it “Hot Pocket.” This bumper pull trailer features several of our RV audio products. Regardless of the size of your adventure vehicle, we have you covered; from giant Class A, to tiny “carry it in your backpack” adventure trailers.

So many shades of blue! Can you count how many?

On the Nest, Brian commented, “When we decided to get into the RV audio business, it was important to choose a demo vehicle that aligns with the MB Quart brand. The Airstream was the perfect choice offering a sleek modern look that puts a smile on everyone’s face.

“Roughing it” takes on a different meaning inside the Airstream Nest. The MB Quart audio system rivals high-end audio/video systems.

HERE are some floor plans to help you choose your RV audio system.

Brian concluded on the Nest, The system was designed to provide connectivity through multiple devices with the RVM2.0 as the hub, but the sound quality was not overlooked either with NK2 speakers and NA2 amplifiers.” 

The RVM2.0 source unit acts as the hub for total control throughout the RV.
NK2-116 speakers were chosen not only for their great sound, but because their modern design fits seamlessly into the Airstream’s interior.
Sleek and powerful!

Check out all of the products that were installed in the build:

2018 Toyota Tacoma SR5 In-Cab System:

  • Source Unit: Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX
  • Front Amplifier: NA2-400.2
  • Rear Speakers: RS1-269
  • Rear Amplifier: NA2-400.2
  • Rear Speakers: PK1-116
  • Subwoofer Amplifier: NA2-400.1
  • Subwoofer: DS1-254
  • Custom Installation: Sound Xpression in Mesa, AZ

2018 Toyota Tacoma SR5 In-Bed System:

  • Source Unit: GMR-LED
  • Speakers: NP1-116
  • Custom Installation: Sound Xpression in Mesa, AZ

2018 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Upgrades:

  • Tonneau Cover: Undercover Ridgelander
  • Mounting System: Rhino Racks Pioneer Platform w/ accessories
  • Wheels: Icon Alloys Rebound 17” 
  • Tires: Falken Wildpeak M/T 33” 
  • Suspension: Icon Vehicle Dynamics Stage 9 
  • Air Intake: AFE Power 
  • Winch Bumper: Warn hidden front bumper
  • Winch: Warn ZEON 10S winch with wireless control system
  • Lighting: Pro Armor ditch & bumper
  • Light Mounts: Rago Fabrication
  • Exhaust System: Magnaflow 
  • Grill: TRD style grill upgrade with lights
  • Dometic CFX35 fridge/freezer with slide
  • Performance and suspension: Installed by G&M Motorsports in Mesa, AZ
Getting all of your gear out to the campsite is easy with the Undercover Tonneau Ridgelander and Rhino-Rack Pioneer platform. All of the essentials are secure and within easy reach when needed.
Some say that stance is everything, but it’s nothing without capability! The Tacoma rides on Icon Rebound wheels, which are wrapped in 33″ Falken Wildpeak M/T tires, because getting stuck is not on the agenda!
Small, but powerful, this Pro Armor light bar is there to help light the way in the darkest nights and the Warn Bumper and Zeon 10-S Winch help to get our friends out of sticky situations!

2019 Airstream Nest 16FB Audio System:

  • Source Unit: RVM2.0
  • Amplifier: NA2-500.5
  • Interior Speakers: NK2-116
  • Interior Subwoofer: FW1-254
  • Exterior Speakers: NK2-116
  • Video: LG 24’ TV and AppleTV. HDMI through RVM2.0
  • Custom Installation: Sound Xpression in Mesa, AZ

2019 Airstream Nest 16FB Upgrades:

  • Suspension: Custom 2” lift by G&M Motorsports
  • Wheels: Icon Alloys Rebound 17” Wheels
  • Tires: Falken Wildpeak A/T 
  • Solar: ZAMP portable solar kit
What a beautiful sight to stare and look at.

See the Facebook video below to witness “Taco” and “Hot Pocket” in their natural environment! 🌵

Check out the full breakdown video below of “Taco” Tacoma and “Hot Pocket” Airstream Nest with Industry Host, Jarod DeAnda and Vice President of Product and Marketing of Maxxsonics, Brian Sherman.

BIG SHOUT-OUT to all of our partners including G&M MotorsportsFalken TireICON AlloysZampSolarPro EagleMagnaFlowSound XpressionRhino-Rack USAAFE PowerWarn IndustriesPro ArmorRago Fabrication, and ICON Vehicle Dynamics who got our Toyota Tacoma and Airstream Nest SEMA ready!

Thank you to ALL of our partners!

Check out more pictures of Taco and Hot Pocket on their desert adventure below!

A shot of “Taco” and “Hot Pocket” through the perspective of a Gila Monster.
Tranquility at its finest…
There’s a party back here complete with a Dometic fridge/freezer and a County Smokers pellet grill, all tucked away securely under the Undercover Ridgelander Tonneau cover.
Another shot of the Dometic fridge/freezer and the County Smokers pellet grill.
Ice cold…without the ice. The Dometic CFX40 keeps the beers cold without the need for ice or a lot of power. With app control, you can be alerted if the battery gets too low or if your beer gets too warm!
How many Magneto Longboards do you own?
Wherever the destination may be, this Pro Armor cube light is there to help light the way!
The Warn Bumper and Zeon 10-S Winch rescues “Taco” and “Hot Pocket” from any sticky situation that may arise!
Never compromise on suspension! This Tacoma rides on a world-class Icon Vehicle Dynamics Stage 9 Kit, complete with UCA’s. Being off-road doesn’t have to mean being uncomfortable!
Another shot of the world-class Icon Vehicle Dynamics Stage 9 Kit.
“TACO” is in “TACOMA.”
Blue skies and sunshine! Perfect dating weather for this couple.
The RVM2.0 source unit up close.
NK2-116 speakers provide rich audio for any playlist you throw at them.


When you get to a certain level of professional camper, you get a blanket.
We love the way our art director, Rob laid in a TOPO map of one of our favorite hiking areas in Arizona within our logo. Do you know it?
The blue bridge over the Salt River is a famous spot where Geronimo stopped for snacks on a long ride around 1845. He crossed the hard way, long before the bridge was there. Today, it’s still a great place to stop for lunch!