Open desert trails, steep rocky cliffs, and clear blue skies…

Another day chasing the desert horizon.

This is the perfect blend of adventure and wonder that Troy Gayton sets out for every single day in his 2008 Jeep Wrangler.

Troy Gayton, of AeroLidz, pushes the physical boundaries of what his Jeep can do in the harshest, desert landscape terrains and has set a new standard of possibility when exploring the outdoor playgrounds of Utah, Arizona, and more. The thrill of adventure in just driving a Jeep off-road and seeing where the journey takes Troy is simply not enough. The personal joy and satisfaction for what is possible when tackling desert rocky landscapes is measured when driving up the steepest of cliffs, across the widest of splitting gaps, and all around the rocky obstacle landscapes of the outdoors.

Do the Jeep Wave!

Check out some of his highlight reels below for yourself!

Not only can his Jeep flex with its wheels, but this thing is powered by a LIFEShield, weather-proofed MB Quart audio system that is ready for any condition the desert trail throws at it. The system is controlled by a GMR-LED powered source unit and a GMR-WREM wired remote (that is mounted on the back of the Jeep), for ultimate freedom of control throughout the vehicle.

The GMR-LED powered source unit gives this machine all of the control you need for an “in car concert” experience. Get ready to embrace all of the features it offers while scanning the horizon for your next obstacle!

On MB Quart, Troy commented, I knew I wanted an audio provider that was proven through the years with products that can showcase music with undistorted clarify and give off a rich depth of audio playback and that’s simply MB Quart.”

Powering this machine is a NA3-1000.5 Nautic Amplifier and provides the Jeep with undistorted clarity for any playlist that Troy throws at it. To provide that rich audio throughout the vehicle, Troy installed NP1-116 Nautic Premium Speakers and finally a NPW-254 Nautic Premium Subwoofer gives the ride that satisfying depth of bass impact you’d expect to feel when you’re at a concert.

The NA3-1000.5 Nautic Amplifier powers the Jeep with clear and rich audio.
NP1-116 Nautic Premium Speakers give off a sleek look while blending in with Jeep.

Troy concluded on MB Quart, “MB Quart was the first brand that stood out to me as the clear choice to go with for my Jeep. MB Quart offers products that are flexible enough to fit in any spot of your vehicle you need them to be and they offer a Nautic line that can withstand any weather condition that arises. Installing this audio system in the Jeep was the true icing on the cake for this amazing project.”

This is where the party’s at!

Not in its natural habit, but bringing the rise and shine to the indoor lights of the North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Troy’s Jeep took on the SEMA traffic with flexing smiles at the AeroLidz Booth (booth 11725).

That SEMA smile is glowing!
He’s almost got it…click on the link (above) to see if he nails the landing!

Click on the video overview below (from YouTube) of Troy’s build that Rob captured at the AeroLidz booth!

To see more of Troy’s awesome Jeep adventures, head on over to his Instagram page (@fourplyn) HERE.

Sandy trails, blue skies, and the path ahead!

See more of the shots below of the build from SEMA!