Cars… Music… Sun… SEMA SHOW 2019.

The Las Vegas Convention Center was the center stage for all of the hottest rides, builds, equipment, and accessories from around the world. This is the one show a year where car enthusiasts, audiophiles, buyers, dealers, and businesses can gather together, build relationships, and get excited for what the next year has in store.

Car enthusiasts get to explore new ideas that they can implement into their own rides, audiophiles get to indulge in all of the opportunities to build that perfect installation of sound for all of their music in any vehicle that they own, and businesses get to showcase all of their top-of-the-line products and gear heading into 2020 (while building relationships and seeing all of their clients, buyers, and dealers conveniently in one place).

The Vegas sun was hot (especially on the blacktop), but comfortable (with a slight breeze), as blue skies set the perfect backdrop, paired with mountains and palm trees, while the Las Vegas Boulevard buzzed in the background with cars, people, and high hopes of winning it BIG in the city that never sleeps.

With this being my first trip to the SEMA Show (but my sixth trip to Vegas 😏), I was completely blown away at the magnitude of cars, products, accessories, and overall energy that seemed to float about the Las Vegas Convention Center. Rides from every corner of the world showed up to the party under the Vegas sun, with limitless builds of possibilities for any sound system, headlight, rim, decal, paint job, vinyl design, or modification that you could possibly dream of for any ride…and when I mean any ride I’m talking anything from Classic Muscles and Classic Racers, to Off-road Buggies, Hypercars, GT Cars, to even Modern Rally, Track Toys, Trucks, or anything that just moves. Simply amazing.

But the SEMA Show isn’t just about the rides, or what you can do to them, it’s more than that. It’s a celebration of getting together and throwing the biggest party in the world for passions that we love. Whether it’s cars, music, racing, photography, or just having a good time with family, friends, and people that share similar interests in hobbies that they love, SEMA is about the atmosphere you bring to it, and that is simply why I had an absolute blast the couple of days I was there.

If I had to pick a personal booth that stole the SEMA Show for me, it would have to be that Hot Wheels booth.

Between the Darth Vader custom build, to losing myself in decades upon decades of Hot Wheels toys displayed like a mural of contemporary art, and to even seeing Jay Leno in person with that signature white hair, I still can’t decide what my favorite part was.

Hot Wheels brought the flame from their logo with all of their activities and contests that were going on throughout the day (and let’s not forget about the amazing showcase of vehicles that surrounded the perimeter of the booth).Β πŸ”₯

Check out more of the awesome highlights from the Hot Wheels booth below!

Whether it was working the indoor booth, outside under the sun meeting and greeting those that stopped by our outdoor booth, or just walking the show floor throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center, my trip to The SEMA Show was fun, awe-inspiring, and a car paradise that I will never forget. I simply can’t wait to go back to get another taste of the party life for cars and vehicles from everywhere…along with that Vegas sunshine of course.

Until 2020 SEMA, it’s been real.

Check out some of the additional pictures I captured from walking the show floor below!