Jeep Tuned Audio Kits look to take center stage at the premier Overlanding series.

Bringing the audio and adventure to the great outdoors of Colorado, MB Quart is heading to Loveland for Overland Expo Mountain West 2022. The Overland Expo continues to be the premier Overlanding event series in the world and is shaping up to be a fun and amazing opportunity for MB Quart. Jeep Tuned Audio Kits will be taking center stage showcasing immersive audio ready to take on the conditions and handle adventure to the fullest.

Taking place over three days from August 26th through August 28th, Overland Expo Mountain West 2022 begins on Friday at 8:00 a.m. (GMT) and runs through 3:00 p.m. (GMT) on Sunday. All of the audio action and fun takes place at “The Ranch” in Loveland, Colorado. With over 250+ exhibitors specializing in Overland, outdoor, adventure travel, motorcycle gear, and equipment, the Overland Expo Mountain West 2022 is the perfect event to exhibit, inspire others, and showcase outdoor and product knowledge over three days. MB Quart is continually investing in the Overland category and industry with events as they have proven to result in crucial success for demonstrating and showcasing products.

For MB Quart, Jeep has stood as an exploration beacon for the open road, off-road, and everything in between that adventure calls upon. Purposely Engineered Jeep Tuned Audio Kits unleash exploration with a concert right in your Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT vehicle. Every Purposely Engineered Jeep Tuned Audio Kit is a direct replacement for all OEM speakers and features Plug & Play OEM fitment.

Exclusively available for Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT, there are 11 different audio kits to choose from, including a Stage 6, 6-speaker, 800-watt stereo speaker upgrade kit that integrates with the OEM source unit. Exclusively for the Gladiator JT, there is an add-on subwoofer kit that includes two 8-inch subwoofers and a 400-watt mono amplifier. The subwoofer enclosure is under the rear passenger seats and will make it feel like the concert is happening right there in the back seat. Take on the journey ahead with a sound that produces concert levels of performance while remaining completely undistorted on every hill or sharp turn on the trail.

Brian Sherman, Vice President of Product and Marketing, said, “We are extremely excited to continually attend Overland Expos as we have found incredible success from them in the past. The Overland category places audio in the middle of the great outdoors, and MB Quart has solutions that can enhance and transform every outdoor adventure into something more. I am excited to see what Overland Expo Mountain West 2022 will hold!”

Building on the excitement of returning to Overland Expo/Mountain West 2022, Rob Anderson, Marketing and Creative Director, said, “The team at MB Quart and Maxxsonics are going all-in on Off-road and Overlanding. We continue to see huge growth in this segment, and with the team personally loving the Overlanding lifestyle, we want to bring the audio experience to every outdoor adventure.”

After already having a hugely successful Overland Expo Pacific Pacific Northwest 2022 event, MB Quart is looking for similar growth and success at Loveland, Colorado, for Overland Expo Mountain West 2022.

Follow the link HERE for a complete breakdown and more information on what Jeep Tuned Audio Kit is perfect for your vehicle installation and HERE for all Overland Expo Mountain West 2022 event and show details.