MB Quart is proud to announce partnership with ATC on ALL-NEW Plā ™ Series.

MB Quart and ATC, an industry-leading manufacturer of aluminum RVs and trailers, have announced a partnership that will expand horizons for possibilities on both ends. MB Quart is proud to fuel audio adrenaline and adventure with this partnership that traverses across unlimited terrains wherever the journey may lead. The launch of ATC’s 2023 Toy Hauler models includes the ALL-NEW Plā ™ 500 Series and Plā ™ 700 Series.

The ALL-NEW Plā ™ Series includes an RVM2.0 160-watt digital source unit and NF1-116 Nautic 6.5-inch speakers. The RVM2.0 adds effortless control featuring AM/FM/Bluetooth and the unit is adjusted by a master knob and menu selection. Bringing a layer of listening immersion with superior quality and sound to every song, the NF1-116 Nautic 6.5-inch speakers deliver ultimate clarity and playback. This critical Midwest partnership between MB Quart and ATC signifies a growing market for louder audio and crisper sound in every outdoor adventure.  

Brian Sherman, Vice President of Product and Marketing, said, “At MB Quart, we are true audio enthusiasts who strive for the best sound possible in every situation that calls for adventure. Using MB Quart products in my life has fueled my desire to expand possible horizons with other OEM partners so they get a chance to experience what a quality and superior audio company can do for them. With our work hard, play hard mentality, it was only fitting that with ATC believing in the same concept for products and quality, we should pursue this partnership. I am extremely excited to be a part of the 2023 Toy Hauler models, and I’m looking forward to the future of what this growing relationship may hold.”

MB Quart continues to bring the concert to every outdoor adventure that delivers quality sound and playback and is durable to take on the conditions ahead. Now with ATC, opportunities and possibilities will grow with what MB Quart offers for outdoor solutions.

Alden Stiefel, President of Maxxsonics, said, “This is a great joining of two Midwest brands, and I am proud to grow our partnership with additional OEM relationships. I’m looking forward to seeing what audio solutions and vehicle opportunities are ahead with ATC and MB Quart.”

Follow the link HERE for more information and product details on the ALL-NEW 2023 Plā ™ Series from ATC.