German-built MB Quart Q Speakers create superior sound quality in every aspect of listening.

The next evolution of MB Quart speakers has arrived. 

German-built quality that infuses detail with clarity.

Music. Defined. Redefined. Ready for your audio.

MB Quart Q Speakers are German-built and unleash higher quality sound in every aspect and detail of listening. ALL-NEW for 2022, MB Quart Q Speakers stand as the top-of-the-line speaker that MB Quart has to offer. Creating unmeasurable detail in sound and captivating immersive clarity throughout every beat and drop, Q Speakers deliver an experience that sets the bar in every category of listening and playback. Crisp detail, sharper beats, and ultimate playback in every aspect of listening – MB Quart Q Speakers look to redefine Music. Defined.

Quality meets innovation with superior-sounding playback. Featuring crystal clarity in every treble, deep detail in lower beats and consistent steady midranges, and immersive rich layers of audio that redefine what Music. Defined. is all about Q Speakers bring out more from audio that encapsulates listeners into new dimensions of audio expectations.

When sound is heard, it shouldn’t just make noise – it should define what drives audio to be better. Q Speakers meet that goal by setting out on a mission when songs play – a mission to deliver the best possible listening experience that car audio has ever heard before.

Brian Sherman, Vice President of Product and Marketing, said, “MB Quart has signified the epitome of world-class speakers, and with the highly anticipated launch of German-built Q Speakers, we are pushing the boundary in performance and sound quality while setting the bar in higher audio playback. I am extremely excited for customers to hear the sophisticated and redefined sound that Q speakers are going to showcase within car audio installations.”


Creating immense clarity and detail in every note, German-built MB Quart Q Speakers bring out more layers of detail hidden away in every genre of music. From deeper treble highs in country to lower booms and pop in Hip-Hop, the bar of sound and listening is raised with richer levels in clearer details. Incredible listening detail demands innovation that meets expectations. Q Speakers are crafted with precision and impeccable detail, giving car audio installs a sleek and clean showcase.

Refueling audio with the next evolution of quality in playback, Q speakers transform audio with clearer detail and richness that places the listener in the center of every song. With 1-inch Military A-Spec Titanium dome tweeters with butyl rubber surrounds in a cast-aluminum housing and cone materials with lightweight mica-filled poly blend creating strength and superior frequency reproduction, every beat and note becomes evolved to new layers of immersion and listening dimensions. Audio sessions will never be the same once music is redefined through the Q level of playback and quality. Get ready to embrace the ultimate standard of MB Quart with Q Speakers.



1-inch military A spec titanium dome tweeter with butyl rubber surround in a cast-aluminum housing, specially made to dissipate heat for peak performance. Stamped in a 9-step progressive die, which gives the overall form a consistent shape. The phase lens is specifically designed for off-axis performance.


Lightweight mica-filled poly blend for strength, superior frequency reproduction, and durability. This means that midbass frequencies remain very musical without the distortions that can be caused by the cone flexing and with the curvilinear design the geometry is specifically engineered for the best midbass response and off-axis performance.


Natural butyl rubber surround for smooth and durable performance. Flexible piston action UV-protected rubber which will be impervious to temperature swings of very warm and cold.


1.5-inch high-temperature copper voice on Kapton former. The former is lighter and strong than aluminum – which allows the component to support slightly higher frequency extension and efficiency.


Woven fiber cotton-poly blend spider stabilizes the cone and voice coil in all musical situations.


Balanced Temperature Technology (BTT) is used throughout every component in this Q Speakers system. The cast aluminum radial sink speaker frame, crossover plate, and tweeter frame remove excess heat for predictable long-term performance.


Hardware for multiple tweeter mounting solutions is included.


A diecast aluminum basket is designed to be lightweight and extremely rigid. The low-profile form can be easily installed in most factory locations with little or no modification.


A solid neodymium magnet in a low-carbon steel containment cup is the strongest magnet that can be used and focuses all the energy around the voice coil.


A gold-plated, 4-way connection terminal is oppositely mounted for consistent curvilinear cone performance. Connection types include solder, screw-down, spade, or fork terminal.


Q Series audiophile in-ear studio monitors are included to bring the Q listening experience on the go. 3.5mm connection with adapters for both USB-C and Lightning connection.

We are very excited for loyal MB Quart enthusiasts who have been with us from the beginning – to hear the rich detail, layered definition, and redefined clean sound integrated into every song. MB Quart engineers have innovated these speakers so that audio playback and quality will have been crafted and tuned perfectly – while remaining undistorted and sharp, producing crystal-clarity details,” concluded Sherman.

Alden Stiefel, President of Maxxsonics, mentioned, “I am anticipating MB Quart Q Speakers to symbolize what MB Quart stands for – Music that is redefined. Q Speakers will transform audio into richer quality playback that is crisp, detailed, and layered with higher quality sound. I am very excited for audio enthusiasts and customers to receive these top-of-the-line Q Speakers into their vehicle installations and to see their reaction when they hear music that’s truly defined.”

Sound demands quality met with precision, clarity, and detail – that is what MB Quart Q Speakers stand for. Through innovation and the evolution of technology, Q Speakers now stand as the beacon for sound quality in every MB Quart audio installation. The standard for music has transformed to higher levels of listening and playback with Q Speakers.

Embrace the highest standard of superior listening innovated with German-built quality. It’s time to redefine your audio experience with sound that delivers on playback, quality, and details.

The audio game has forever changed. Q Speakers have arrived.

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