MB Quart 亚洲经销商年会

Maxxsonics expands growth with International Distributor, Feelart.

Excited dealers attending from around China and other Pacific Rim countries

2020 is shaping up to be a supercharged year for MB Quart in the growth department. Maxxsonics International Distributor, Feelart, hosted 250 dealers from around China and other Pacific Rim countries at the Mulian Urban Resort and Hotels in Guangzhou, China, to see and hear the newest from MB Quart that are being offered throughout the China region.

Toufic Dia (left), Asia Marketing Director for Feelart Electronics and Steven Lai (right), Pacific Rim Director Maxxsonics USA, share the spotlight on stage

Alden Stiefel, President of Maxxsonics USA, commented, “Maxxsonics continues to grow in innovative ways around the world. These MB Quart offerings are very market specific for what these dealers have been asking us for and may not ever be offered in other regions of the world.”

These exclusive, International products are focused on the mobile and personal audio categories and will be expanded to additional growth markets over the next 24 months.

Steven Lai, Pacific Rim Director for Maxxsonics, said,Maxxsonics has always taken the ‘customer is always right’ axiom to the Nth degree. We look at a global region and ask our customers, ‘What do you need?’ and then we do it. Last week, our Exposition in Asia, showed just how anxious our customers are for unique, market specific products.”

MB Quart speakers, on display, provide a glimpse into what exclusive products the International markets have in store…waiting for them

The MB Quart line up for the Asian and Pacific Rim region includes: 

  1. Speakers — Full-range and component speakers
  2. Amplifiers — Full line of car audio amplifiers including DSP models
  3. Powered Subwoofers — Large or under seat options
  4. Personal Audio — Headphones and Bluetooth products
MB Quart amplifiers take on the spotlight in contemporary, display fashion

In concluding, Alden stated, “Whether for a domestic OEM vehicle builder, or for a group of dealers in Singapore or Guangzhou, we have always prided ourselves as a ‘boutique’ based manufacturer. We can work with customers and pierce a market with any one of our brands that gives those customers a competitive edge.

The strides being taken for growing the MB Quart brand is shaping up 2020 to be a milestone year.

Check out the SEMA Highlight Reel below, or click HERE, and get a taste for what’s to come exclusively for International markets.

If you’re interested in finding out more about International products, check out the website HERE.