Thomas lives on the road, promoting Mac’s Tie Downs. He recently installed the Polaris Sound Bar 8 and Extreme Audio Pods.

In the following note, Thomas details his installation of his audio system utilizing the new Soundbar bracket for Ranger, part #2882502 available at Polaris. The brackets work on both the Soundbar 8 or Soundbar 4.

Additionally, this Ranger incorporates a rear audio bar to mount the Extreme Audio Pods on the rear. This bar is available from OFF ROAD SOUND SYSTEMS on their website.

Installation was a breeze.

Mounting the Soundbar 8 to the ROPS visor was as simple as visually fitment, making a few quick measurements and drilling 2 holes. My 10 year old daughter helped with install.

It took us around 2 hours to complete. Most of that time was running wires and cleaning up tools. The new Ranger mounts are flawless and fit the contour of the ROPS visor PERFECT.

The low profile design allows for plenty of clearance and visibility, it’s amazing how such a powerful Sound bar can be non-intrusive!


Sound quality is very impressive Bluetooth™ syncing is flawless. Coupled with the extreme audio pods it is VERY loud. The Soundbar 8 is so powerful I had to turn the gain up on the audio pods to equalize the system.


Check this video to adjust the gain on your Extreme Audio Pods

At full speed in 40 mph winds the system never hit max, and even at full power I have 0 distortions. Simply put I cannot say anything but good things about the setup, I even got into a few “sound battles” while the vehicle was on display in the booth from various UTV audio competitors. Polaris Audio by MB Quart wins, every time!

Make sure to find Thomas at the next event, you’ll know you’re getting close to the Mac’s Tie Downs display, because it will be rockin’ but firmly secured.