MB Quart is excited to announce that neglected Polaris Ranger owners now have a direct fit install option for our sound bars on your machines.

Order part number 2882502 from your Polaris dealer or the Polaris Website and either Soundbar 4 or Soundbar 8 for a simple to install audio upgrade for your Ranger. The mount kit includes both right and left sides with spacers and hardware. Here is the link to buy the part from Polaris. It will cost you about 20 bucks.

Watch for the Macs Die Down’s Ranger at events in your area. They are one of the first in the country to mount the Polaris Soundbar 8 in a Polaris Ranger.

Brackets, screws, washers are all included.

Some drilling may be required in your ROPS visor, but overall, install is a breeze! Brackets and mounting hardware included. Same kit fits either Soundbar. Mounting is easy, directly to the visor. Recessed design maximizes visibility.

Read all the details about the Polaris Audio at MBQuart.com. Available exclusively from your local Polaris dealer or Polaris.com