Our week to Quadna Mud Nats 2016 started with a Ninja like black-op trip to one of the “off the grid” R&D facilities for Polaris. Don’t bother with Google Maps. We tried. There is NOTHING THERE.. unless it was under this weird lake.. and since we were there and didn’t get wet, they are not keeping it under water.

Once on the R&D grounds, we skipped the nurse taking DNA samples at the security checkpoint and snuck around back and picked up our Maxxsonics Corporate test mule which was built by Chad Marra at Elite Car Audio in Mesa, AZ. It was created over the previous 60 days and transported under the cover of darkness to Polaris. There are development projects for both MB Quart and Hifonics on the project.

Yup, our sister brand Hifonics makes some SERIOUS bottom end bass equipment. We chose moe that 2000 watts of Brutus Power with the Brutus Elite 35th Anniversary amplifiers and Brutus 12 inch subwoofers for this build.

Photo by Elegance N Images

Of course, MB Quart designs great bass systems, but this install needed a real kick in the face bass experience!! It’s always good to have a member of the family that has an attitude, right? Thanks #PowerFromTheGods

Photo by Elegance N Images

Once the Mule was loaded up, we rolled into Quadna 2016 and laid out our spread. Quadna continues to grow and this event was much bigger than any year in the past. Kudos to Scott and his team at Highlifter who had already spun up the prize wheel before our tent was set up.

There were even guys rollin into our spot before there actually was a SPOT!!! You can follow the #BRAAPCrew on Instagram.

The #BRAAPCrew are out of Hibbing MN and they walked away with the first of the QUB Bluetooth speakers on the prize wheel.

Eventually, after some insane weather, we did get our tent set up.

Pretty killer spot right in the middle of all the chaos. Just the way we like it.

The weather seemed to really get the best of many audio systems. We heard a LOT of silence from the Mud People rolling by with no tunes. Clearly they had sewer pipe audio systems installed, but no joy.

The people with Polaris Audio by MB Quart installed, had a much louder and more reliable experience. The weather seemed to turn everyone into a product tester.

Even as many of our competitors headed for their hotels or tents, we grabbed a camera and filmed real world rain on our Polaris Extreme Audio Pods and Sound Bar 8.. no surprise – rocking in the dry and rocking in the very wet!

Many customers chose to do their installations right on site.



Everyone came to check out the beast Polaris Ranger with the Camoplast tracks. It was a big hit last year, and continues to be in 2016.

Check out the full system walk around, including big power from the M-Line 5 channel amplifier and four MB Quart Camo NT1-120 cans on the back along with 2 waterproof Nautic subwoofers. The full video was featured by SidebySideStuff.com last year; or you can just watch this video of the big machine playing in the mud of Quadna.

The Highlifter Prize wheel, sponsored by MB Quart, never stopped Spinnin’ & Givin’  QUB Bluetooth speakers.

These guys did not get a prize from the wheel, but, we get it – Semper Fi..  NO MAN LEFT BEHIND!

But, the hit of the MB Quart space was the Maxxsonics Polaris Ranger we snuck out of the R&D facility. Shhhhh…

Not much can be said about “what is to come” but believe it when we say, there were a lot of comments from the bosses of Polaris like “are we doing this? And this? And, what about this..?”  – Yes. Sure. Those were the only responses we gave – you’ll just have to be at Quadna 2017 to see what secrets may be revealed.

Photo by Elegance N Images


Thanks to Jason at AZP Concepts for helping out in several spots on the build, including this special Ranger tower “bar” where we mounted four MB Quart NT1-120LB tower speakers.

Interested in getting one for your Ranger?

And then, the big boss from Polaris, took the keys for the Ranger and it was gone.

Hidden away – maybe it is in that weird lake?

A parting comment about photography. Several of the photos here, the good ones, were shot by Arizona based photog Tina Cates. Her company is Elegance N Images. If you need photography work in the Phoenix Valley, for portraits, cars, bikes or products – give her a call.

She has been a great find for us, we are already working on several other projects with her.

Until next year, thanks Quadna Resort and Highlifter Products. Here’s mud in your eye…

… and up your leg!