At MB Quart, Sound Quality always comes first. But we are also very proud of the high output capable from our titanium dome tweeter equipped speakers. So it boggles our mind when we hear people tell us that the speakers are not playing loud enough for them. Really?!

Well, come to find out, many of you do not like to read the instructions. Something we would shame you all for if I weren’t so guilty of the same thing myself!’

That said, there is an integrated amplifier on the Extreme Audio Pods and that means that there’s also an integrated gain control. The gain is located right next to the LED switch that controls the Red and Blue illumination on the pods.

Oh come on! You knew they lit up, right?? RIGHT?? Well they do, and it is awesome! So, let’s recap, the speakers are loud, they light up and maybe we should all start to read the instructions, they are actually quite informative!

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