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All MB Quart products are warrantied for 12 months from the date of purchase against manufacturing defect to the original purchaser with a valid receipt of purchase from an authorized reseller of the products. More information

Please note: MB Quart / Maxxsonics USA Inc. is not affiliated with Sigma Enterprise. We cannot guarantee the performance and will not honor warranty of any product that is purchased through Sigma Enterprise. Only buy through MB Quart / Maxxsonics USA Inc. authorized sellers.

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MB Quart is always looking for new partners that understand the passion of music. If you have the ability and the desire to help customers get great sound, we should talk.

Here are a few requirements to become a MB Quart dealer:

You must have a shop. You cannot be working from a friend’s garage. You must have a business license. You will need a tax number. You must have been in business with the same name for a minimum of one year.

If you are ready to add the MB Quart line up to your business, click here and give us some details. We will review your information and look for ways to put MB Quart into your business.