One of the biggest complaints we hear at events we attend is that RZR subwoofer systems are all seriously lacking. It is hard to hear any REAL bass from a puny 8 inch or 10 inch subwoofer when you’re running wide open on the trails. Well, we have listened to your comments and have launched an industry first 12 inch subwoofer system, designed specifically for RZR. How does it sound? Watch as people enjoy the demo. When the subwoofer is turned on, BOOM…

This sub installs in the bed and features the killer Lock & Ride mounting system that can easily be removed for the times where beer takes precedence over bass! The subwoofer is an MB Quart 12 inch dual voice coil design with an integrated 300 watt high-efficiency class D amplifier. The enclosure is precision molded HDPE designed to stand up to the elements. In fact, the enclosure is completely submersible with an IPX67 rating. So what do you do when you don’t what so much bass?

The system includes a wired bass remote that allows the driver or passenger to lower (or raise) the bass level on the fly.

Read all the details about the Polaris Audio Subwoofer for RZR at MB Available exclusively from your local Polaris dealer or