GMR7V1 7-Inch Waterproof Touchscreen CarPlay Source Unit

MB Quart GMR7V1 7-Inch Waterproof Touchscreen CarPlay Source Unit.

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MB Quart GMR7V1 7-Inch waterproof touchscreen source unit features Apple® CarPlay®, which brings more control and integration with your iPhone. This unit also includes a built-in auxiliary switching system, RGB lighting controller, AM/FM/WB/Bluetooth, dual zone audio control, dual video inputs, one video output, two USB inputs, one aux input, and pre-amp outputs.

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 10.75 × 9.5 × 5 in

Source Unit


MB Quart




Marine, Powersports, RV





UTV Source Available


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1 Year

IPX Rating


Compatible Vehicles


Source Unit Tuner Section FM Stereo Frequency Range


Source Unit Bluetooth Range (ft)


Source Unit Frequency Response (Aux In)


Source Unit Pre-amp Outputs (Y/N #)

3 Pair Front/Rear/Subwoofer, Yes

Source Unit Pre-amp Voltage


Source Unit Minimum Impedance (ohms)


Source Unit Display Type

7-Inch Full Color LED Touchscreen Panel

Source Unit Dimensions Mounting Hole (in)

6.5 x 8.25

Source Unit Dimensions Total Mounting Depth (in)


Additional Details Preamp Output Voltage: 4 volts; Dual Zone Capability between Preamp Outputs and Built-in Power; Independent Subwoofer Level Control with Selectable Low Pass Filter; 10-Band Graphic EQ (64, 150, 250, 500, 1K, 2K, 4K, 6K, 10K, and 16K)
Proposition 65 Notice WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Compatible Vehicle Fitment


Marine Grade Protection / IPX Rating

Meets or exceeds IPX67 requirments for water and dust proofing. LIFE SHIELD: This product has been designed and tested against the elements. Waterproof, dustproof, snowproof or shockproof. Built to handle the outdoors.

Apple® Control

Wired Apple® CarPlay®

Source Type

AM/FM/WB/Bluetooth® allows all access to radio stations and content from Bluetooth enabled devices.

Input Types

Bluetooth, RCA, USB: Nearly nothing the device cannot play.

Control Buttons

Unit has a master knob, zone mute buttons, sub level buttons, and a full touchscreen 7-inch display.

Bluetooth® Connect

Bluetooth® Connect allows your phone or other Bluetooth enabled device to be quickly paired to the source unit without a complicated pairing process.

Secure Simple Pairing™

Quick and secure wireless connection between your Bluetooth enabled device. This reliable connection is impervious to outside interference, providing a lock-tight connection to your audio system.


No more frustration with trying to pair. When the unit powers up, it immediately connects to the last device connected. For a first time connection, you only have to select "GMR7V1" from your Bluetooth menu and you are connected, QUICKLY.

Control Method

Unit is adjusted by a master knob, 4 control buttons, and a 7 inch touchscreen panel.

AM/FM Tuner Presets

AM: 12 station, FM: 18 station. AM1, AM2, FM1, FM2, FM3 each memorize 6 stations each.

Frequency Range

USA Frequency: FM87.5 – 107.9MHz / AM530 – 1710kHz

RDS Information


Weather Band

Includes built-in weather band radio. NOAA NWR Weather Band Frequency: Preset (162.400MHz, 162.425MHz, 162.450MHz, 162.475MHz, 162.500MHz, 162.525MHz, 162.550MHz).

Video Input

Two video camera inputs via a RCA style connector (No Audio). One video output via a RCA style connector (No Audio).

Video Input Trigger

Two ground wire triggers, one for each video input.

Additional Inputs

1 Pair (Aux), 1 Composite Video (Camera), 1 Microphone Input

USB / Apple® / Charging Port

Two USB ports - USB 1(Gray) For Music. USB 2(Black) for iPhone.

Bluetooth® Version

Version 5.0

Album Art


Main Connector Type

MOLEX connector for simple installation and removal of unit when needed.

Dual Audio Zone Capability

Control volume in two different areas independently, such as passenger area and tower speakers.

Media Screen

7-inch high-contrast touchscreen display

Additional Features

Built-In Auxiliary Switching System: 4 aux trigger outputs 300mA MAX; Built-In RGB Lighting Controller: 500mA MAXX

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MB Quart GMR Source Unit (GMR7V1) Installation Manual (Rev3)

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MB Quart GMR Source Unit (GMR7V1) Dimensions Template

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CFMOTO GMR7CFM1.25 Software Update