PS1-316 Premium 6.5 Inch Speaker System

400 Watts 6.5″ Premium 3-Way Component Speaker System.

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Premium 3-Way component speakers with 1″ Magnesium WideSphere™ Technology Tweeters and 6.5″ mid-bass, 4″ mid-range with pop aerated paper cone with a Mica blend and external audiophile crossover networks.

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 17.3 × 15.3 × 5 in



MB Quart









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1 Year

Speaker RMS Power Handling (watts)

100/200 Each & System

Speaker Peak Power Handling (watts)

200/400 Each & System

Speaker Impedance (ohms)


Speaker Frequency Response


Speaker Sensitivity


Speaker Crossover Slope

6dB Per Octave LP on the woofer, 6dB Per Octave HP with 12dB Per Octave LP and Zobel impedance compensation on the mid with 12dB Per Octave HP

Speaker Height (in)

Midrange: 2.32, Woofer: 2.71

Speaker Mounting Diameter / Cut Out (in)

Midrange: 3.54, Woofer: 5.59

Speaker Outside Diameter (in)

Midrange: 4.96, Woofer: 6.57

Speaker Mounting Depth / Chassis Depth (in)

Midrange: 2.08, Woofer: 2.48

Speaker Size (in)


Proposition 65 Notice ​WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including LEAD, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

1" magnesium dome tweeter for exceptional musical reproduction of high frequenices are the heart of the system. The innovative tweeter design develops an off-axis dispersion pattern that creates a larger sound stage which brings a concert in your car to life.

Cone Material

Lightweight aerated pop paper cone with Mica blend for strength and superior bass frequency reproduction. This design adds strength and superior bass frequency reproduction. This means that midrange and bass frequencies remain very musical without the distortions that can be caused by the cone flexing. With the curvilinear design the geometry is specifically engineered for best upper band midrange response which is critical for frequencies that are responsible for vocals and acoustic instruments like piano, guitar and percussion.

Surround / Cone Coupling

High temperature adhesives are utilized to keep the coupling from cone to surround fused. Adhesives are also impervious to cold weather.


Molded Polymer Sealing gaskets are utilized to keep the speaker isolated from the mounting surface and improve protection from water and dust intrusion.

​Voice Coil / Former Assembly

High temperature imported wire on Kapton former. The former is lighter than a standard speaker which allows the component to support slightly higher frequency extension and efficiency.


Red woven fiber cotton poly blend spider to stabilize the cone and voice coil in all musical situations.

Cooling System

Venting allows air passage through the spider and speaker frame ribs to exchange air over the voice coil. Tweeters feature Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) technology.

External Component Crossover

Premium component (3-way) designs feature an external audiophile crossover network which guides the frequencies from the amplifier to each driver (speaker). This system is designed with tight tolerance components with "low loss" Polypropylene Film caps and air wound coils for superb sound quality across all 6 drivers (speakers). These networks are passive Cauer topology Butterworth filter crossovers for a smooth transition of frequencies from midrange/mid-bass to the tweeter element designed into a compact crossover housing that can be easily hidden in the installation.

Tweeter Hardware

Tunable waveguide with removable phase lens plus addtionial mounting hardware for surface mounting and flush mount the tweeter.


Aerospace grade PA66 composite with 30% glass fiber speaker frame to assure that no harmonic distortions affect the tone of the speaker.


Stainless steel, push and insert connectors resist corrosion and create a superior electrical connection.



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