A familiar array of casino lights, the smell of burnt cigarettes, and the lovely overpriced cabs. Yes, we are back in sin city or SEMA City at least for this weeks storyline.

Sure, it appears the same Las Vegas from your McCarran Airport cab window, but as you enter the downtown area you’ll start to hear the sounds of Sema Week. Engines echo throughout the city snarling, barking, some even squealing their way to convention center drive. Loud music and sub frequencies protrude from their interiors rattling nearby windows.

MB Quart at SEMA Las Vegas
Vegas City lights from the SEMA Show 2018

Call them cars, animals, or whatever fits your preference, but it seems clear that these machines are not your average everyday drivers. They are the best, the bizarre, and the admired. These beautiful creations lure droves of fans, racers, builders, and businesses to the Las Vegas Convention Center every year to answer one question: what’s next?

SEMA Monster Car at Ford Out Front with MB Quart

So what is next for us?


MB Quart 6.5-inch car component speaker set. FSB216.

The name is inspired by our engineer’s passion for Formula 1 Racing. This passion revolves around obsessive design, maximizing sound pressure levels, and delivering industry-leading sound quality. Formula delivers a line of amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers that will push your installation to F1 levels!

MB Quart 12-inch car subwoofer. FW1-304.

When designing a perfect race car, there is a meticulous formula equated for balance, weight, power, downforce, tire grip, and various other aspects. Likewise, MB Quart amplifiers utilize a precise formula for the ideal balance. For music is it speaker tone, deep bass impact, and clean undistorted power.

At MB Quart, we make it simple to develop the impeccable Formula for a great sounding system. The all-new Formula line offers high-end sound quality through a full line of metal dome tweeters mated to polypropylene cone speakers. These components are matched with 400-watt peak power, dual 4-ohm subwoofers to command the deep bass frequencies and are all fueled by an entirely new line of Q-Stasis powered amplifiers. Take the guesswork out of system design. The Formula is simple!

Sharpie for Sale!

The SHARPIE just completed its last shows at Camp RZR West in Glamis California and then booth duties for SEMA in Las Vegas. No trades, no holds, no sad stories considered.

Sharpie at Rally on the Rocks 2018

 We are ready to order our 2019 Turbo S and the boss says we need your money from this transaction to do so. The “as is” price is $27,000. The winning buyer will be responsible to transport from our Arizona Facility to their location. (Chandler 85225). Payment in full required before the vehicle ships out. We have paperwork for insurance and bill of sale in hand; the title will follow a few weeks after the financial transition.