Ultimate control. Unlimited power. Control it with RFREM. Are you ready for ultimate control from your GMR-LED source unit?

Whatever the situation calls for, the RFREM wireless remote for GMR-LED is your one-stop controller for all of the jam sessions in your life.

The RFREM wireless remote is ONLY CAPABLE with the GMR-LED source unit. Designed to mount on the inside of a steering wheel and secured with a strap, this wireless remote will be your ALL-IN-ONE tool giving you ultimate control and unlimited power that you’ll need for your GMR-LED source unit.

Make sure to check and see if your GMR-LED is compatible. Please see the pictures BELOW for what’s compatible and what’s not.

Feel free to add an INFINITE AMOUNT of remotes for your outdoor adventure, giving everyone total control over what songs will play next and how loud. Now anyone can be an off-road DJ.

The RFREM Wireless Remote has Marine Grade Protection/IPX Rating that includes LIFE SHIELD and is designed and tested against the elements being waterproof, dustproof, or even shockproof. The Input Types include “Radio Frequency” and all of the control buttons are large and waterproof.Taking a closer look at the buttons, you’ll get the power to “Play/Pause,” “Forward/Back” on any song, Volume “Up/Down,” and Power “On/Off.”

On the RFREM remote, Brian Sherman, Vice President of Product & Marketing, commented, “The RFREM represents an affordable option to more complicated options from our competitors. It works out of the box and requires no complicated pairing process.

Check out the official product page on the MB Quart website HERE to learn even more details.

Gear up your GMRLED with a gadget that’ll enhance every adventure you embark on. Unleash the control at your fingertips.

Ready for adventure with RFREM.