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MB Quart has engineered a select group of UTV-tuned audio systems that are perfectly designed for the CAN-AM Maverick, Maverick X3, X3 MAX, Defender, Commander and Maverick Trail.

It is essential that every component installed in a CAN-AM be torture tested to be as reliable as it can be in such a harsh environment.

Once the bullet proof nature of the system and installation is locked, the system is tuned for music. But, it is TUNED AUDIO for the environment that has insane on-road and on-trail noise. You have made the easy decision to choose a CAN-AM TUNED AUDIO SYSTEM. The really hard choice is how much you are ready for; a little bit or all of it.

** The vehicle shown is not representative of your vehicle model. It is meant as a visual representation for the placement of the components. Custom and OEM roll cage configurations will be different on most machines.

Fitment Guide


  1. MBQX-SUB-2: 400 Watt SUB STAGE Can-Am Tuned Audio : 10in Subwoofer, 400W Compact Mono Amplifier for X3

    Can-Am Maverick X3 UTV Tuned Audio Package: 400 Watt X3 Specific 10 inch Underseat Subwoofer System. ⇒ Details & Images