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MB Quart offers several solutions to put music into an audio system for boats, off-road, RV and custom car builds.
In our Gauge Mount Radio series or GMR, the top of the line is the GMR-LED. This multimedia powerhouse is an AM/FM/Bluetooth®, USB, and Mobile Entertainment Controller for OFF-ROAD & Marine applications.
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For the RV enthusiast, we offer a compact Multimedia Digital Receiver (part number MDR2.0). This unit is perfect for an RV with enough power to a vehicle full of speakers and a dual audio zone control for fine tuning the audio throughout the vehicle environment.
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Next are the GMR2.5 and GMR-3. These are technically advanced AM/FM bluetooth Source Units. These units are the most innovative ever offered by the MB Quart engineering team.
Source Units
GMR-3 installed in a Polaris RZR
The MB Quart Nautic GMR Marine & Powersports source units are the perfect solution for any vehicle that will be exposed to the elements. The GMR line has been extensively tested to be waterproof, dust proof and UV stable.

For applications where you only need the Bluetooth controller, check out the switch mounted N2-WBT. You will be shocked at the amount of tech we can pack into a small unit.
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All MB Quart bluetooth units include Quick Pair for simple connections to devices
The N2-WBT is a carling switch mount Bluetooth Controller with a Joystick Operation and a Pre-amplifier Output. This innovative design makes it perfect to slip into an available accessory switch in the dash of a boat, off road vehicle or custom car build.
Source Units
Bluetooth Joystick, actual size
All MB Quart Nautic amplifiers are IPX certified which defines those marine amplifiers must use conformal coated PC boards to resist corrosion from salt spray & moisture.

To create the perfect system, choose from the following MB Quart categories to power your system:
Compression Horn Towers
Compression Horns
Wake Tower Speakers
Wake Towers
Waterproof Speakers
Waterproof Speakers
Nautic Subwoofers
Nautic Subwoofers
Marine Amplifiers
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MDR2.0 Digital Source Unit

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Shallow Mount RV Marine Source Unit

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Part#: MDR2.0 | MSRP: $149.99


MB Quart 160 Watt Multimedia Receiver with AM/FM and Weatherband Radio and Bluetooth Input.
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Part #: MDR2.0 | SKU: 806576229810 | Category: Bluetooth Source Units
Multimedia Digital Receiver with 160 Watt internal amplifier features AM/FM/Weather Band, Bluetooth®, USB.

Multimedia Digital Receiver
160 Watt AM/FM/Weather band, Bluetooth®, USB

Bluetooth™ Connect & Quick-Pair
Quick and secure pairing of devices with your music library with album art displayed

USB Control
Easily connect smartphones, portable media devices and streaming services. iPod control allows full Apple® connectivity.

Marine certified to IPX5 with large waterproof buttons


Part #: MDR2.0 | SKU: 806576229810 | Category: Bluetooth Source Units
  • RMS Power Output
    4 x 20 Watts
  • Peak Power Output
    4 x 40 Watts
  • Maximum THD+N at 4 Ohms
  • Efficiency At Full Power 4 Ohm (1kHz)
  • Idle Current
  • Maximum Undistorted Preamp Voltage (With 20k Ohm Load)
    4 Volts
  • Signal to Noise (CTA-2006B)
    -86.2dBA AUX, -66.1dBA Bluetooth
  • Signal to Noise Ratio Of Line Level Outputs (At Max Volume)
    Bluetooth -76.2 dBA, Aux -86.4dBA
  • Preamp Frequency Response (+/- 3.0dB)
    20Hz – 10.2 kHz USB, 30Hz – 9.7 kHz Bluetooth
  • Amplifier Frequency Response (+/- 3.0dB)
    20Hz – 20.0 kHz USB, 30Hz – 20.0 kHz Bluetooth
  • Stereo Separation (Aux Input)
    -45.60dB @ 5kHz
  • FM Mono Usable Sensitivity
  • AM Mono Usable Sensitivity
  • Minimum Impedance
    4 Ohms
  • Pre-amp Outputs
    1 Pair
  • Display Type
  • Dimensions Mounting Hole
    7 x 2 inches
  • Dimensions Mounting Depth
    4 inches
  • Tuner Section FM Stereo Frequency Range
  • Tuner Section Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Bluetooth Range
    32 Feet (10 Meters)
  • Output Voltage
    4 Volts

System Includes

Part #: MDR2.0 | SKU: 806576229810 | Category: Bluetooth Source Units
More info in development & coming soon!

Features & Benefits

Part #: MDR2.0 | SKU: 806576229810 | Category: Bluetooth Source Units
  • Marine Grade Protection
    Meets or exceeds IPX5 requirements for water and dust proofing
    This product has been designed and tested against the elements. Waterproof, dustproof, snowproof or shockproof. Built to handle the outdoors
  • Apple® Control
    Quick control and access of iTunes collection with iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • Source Type
    AM/FM/Bluetooth® Radio allows all access to radio stations and content from Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Input Types
    Bluetooth, RCA, USB nearly nothing the device can not play
  • Control Buttons
    Front facing buttons to engage and adjust all features
  • Bluetooth® Connect
    Bluetooth® Connect allows your phone or other Bluetooth enabled device to be quickly paired to the controller without a complicated pairing process
  • Secure Simple Pairing™
    Quick and secure wireless connection between your Bluetooth enabled device. This reliable connection is impervious to outside interference, providing a lock-tight connection to your audio system
  • Quick Pair™
    No more frustration with trying to pair. When the unit powers up, it immediately connects to the last device connected. For a first time connection, you only have to select "MB Quart" from your Bluetooth menu and you are connected, QUICKLY
  • Built-In Power
    Four channels of output. These channels remain active when running external amplifiers (RCA Output) to run additional speakers in the vehicle
  • Control Method
    9 control buttons on faceplate
  • Frequency Range
    FM: 87.5 - 108, AM: 530 - 1710
  • Weather Band
    Includes built-in weather band radio


Part #: MDR2.0 | SKU: 806576229810 | Category: Bluetooth Source Units
The MB Quart MDR2.0 is a Digital Media Receiver with a 160 watt internal amplifier. The unit features AM/FM//Weather Band, Bluetooth® streaming audio and USB input options. This Digital Receiver was unveiled to anxious boat builders at the IBEX show in 2018. Now the RV industry, off road builders and marine enthusiasts are joining the professionals choosing the MDR2.0 for their applications.

Check out some of the specific features and technologies that make the MDR2.0 an ideal control system for any audio system.
The easy-to-operate face of the unit with the high contrast display allows easy viewing and control. Regardless of full sun or shade, the display is clearly visible. Intuitive controls are straightforward. The compact single-DIN chassis offers greater installation flexibility and placement options because of its shallow depth so it fits well in nearly any dashboard, whether a car, truck, touring motorcycle, UTV or watercraft.
Easily connect smartphones, portable media devices and streaming services. iPod® control allows full Apple® connectivity. The MDR2.0 is also Android® compatible. The MDR2.0 unit supports MP3, WMA, and WAV audio with a USB thumb drive connected.
MB Quart engineers incorporated a strong AM/FM and Weather Band tuner into the RVDVD2.0 utilizing a PLL synthesizer crystal. This assures reception in the most remote areas. Perfect for RV adventures, marine overnights at beach camp sites and road trips to nowhere.
Our Bluetooth Connect ™ quick-pairing technology allows the MDR2.0 to securely and quickly connect your Bluetooth-enabled device to stream audio content. The unit supports Bluetooth 4.0 technology.
This reliable connection is impervious to outside interference, providing a lock-tight connection to your audio system and the highest quality of streaming audio. Simply search for “MDR2.0” on your Bluetooth device and connect. The MDR2.0 Bluetooth range is 10 meters or 32 feet.
Secure Simple Pairing™ from MB Quart provides a quick and secure wireless connection between your Bluetooth enabled device. This reliable connection is impervious to outside interference, providing a lock-tight connection to your audio system. The Bluetooth range is 10 meters or 32 feet.
The MDR2.0 incorporated a simple navigation system, along you to concentrate on more important things - like driving.
1- Power/SEL button
2- BAND button
3- MODE button/BT
4- CLK button
5- Play/pause button/SAVE
6- Seek up button
7- Seek down button
8- VOL +
9- VOL -
10- LCD
Integrated 160 watt, 4-channel amplifier (4x40 watts) delivers plenty of power for all speakers connected.
With 4 volts of signal from the preamp level RCA outputs, audio systems can be designed to integrate external amplifiers for speakers and subwoofers.

Choose from several types of amplifiers in the MB Quart line of marine, off-road and mobile amplifiers. The compact NA2 line-up is ideal for power density and efficiency, which means a small installation footprint in your RV and maximum power output. Also consider the full marine line of amplifiers and many choices of MB Quart car audio amplifiers.

For speakers and subwoofers, consider if you wish to have speakers hidden away into original locations or more outdoor and off road options. Check out the full line of MB Quart Nautic Speakers and Tower Speakers or more traditional car audio speakers, such as those you might install within an RV interior.

Of course the heart of music is hidden in the bass frequencies, which means subwoofers. MB Quart has that covered with waterproof Nautic and car audio subwoofers that provide incredible low frequency performance in very moderate air space requirements.
Life Shield
Life Shield
The MDR2.0 is IPX-5 rated for water intrusion, making it ideal for a marine or off-road environment. Rest assured, when you see the MB Quart Life Shield icon, you are choosing a product that is Waterproof, Dust Proof, Snow Proof and built to the highest standards.


Part #: MDR2.0 | SKU: 806576229810 | Category: Bluetooth Source Units
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