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Bluetooth Controllers

The MB Quart team recognizes that great sound should be available in any vehicle and that it should not take a PhD to make everything work! The N1-WBT wired Bluetooth™ controller and the N1-RFBT are designed to unlock all of the media on your phone or tablet. They do not have any tuner so no AM/FM; only the music and media in your portable device. The compact size of these systems makes it perfect for installations where space is a key concern, but music is a must.
Life Shield
When you see this Life Shield badge on an MB Quart product, you can rest assured you are choosing a product that has been designed and tested against the elements. Whether it’s waterproof, dust proof, snow proof or shock proof, you will know that this product has been built to handle the outdoors.
Bluetooth Controllers
The N1-WBT is small, but, the buttons are large, rubberized and immune to the harsh outdoor environment. Play/Pause, Tracks Forward/Back, Volume Up/Down and Power On/Off are big enough to operate even when wearing gloves.
Bluetooth Controllers
Bluetooth™ Connect
Bluetooth™ Connect allows your phone or other Bluetooth enabled device to be quickly paired to the N1-WBT Bluetooth Controller without a complicated pairing process.
Bluetooth Controllers
The N1-RFT is the wireless option for marine and power sports Bluetooth applications with the addition a break out box which adds amplifier outputs, an additional audio input and a USB connection to keep your devices charged.
Bluetooth Controllers
Mounting Options
The MB Quart Bluetooth Controller for marine and power sports applications include mounting options for surface mount and clip mount. Smaller vehicles are limited for space and the N1-RFBT is a perfect solution.
Bluetooth Controllers
Break out box/2nd audio input
The N1-RFBT has an additional audio input for an auxiliary (AUX) with a pair of RCA jacks with the addition of a USB port to keep your device fully charged. The break out box can easily be tucked away.
Source Unit Options
MB Quart offers both AM/FM, Bluetooth source units with built-in amplifiers or smaller Bluetooth controllers that require an external amplifier or two. Regardless if your system is simple or complex, there is a solution for your build. Use this chart to compare features of all current models.
AM/FM Stereo Radio    
Bluetooth Audio Streaming
USB Charging  
USB Audio    
iPod / iPhone Control (USB)      
RCA Output ✔ - 1 ✔ - 2
Auxiliary RCA Input   ✔ - 1 ✔ - 2
Accessory Remote Output      
Speaker Output    

Bluetooth Controllers

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