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Nautic Wake Towers / Horns

  • Nautic NT1 Waketowers Black White
  • Compression Horn Towers
  • Nautic NT1 Waketowers Black Installed
  • Nautic NT1 Waketowers White Installed

The NT1 Tower marine and powersports speakers are designed to sound incredible while playing very loud. Built to last with heavy duty cast enclosures that feature steel reinforcements, you will see they are well protected against the elements which make them a perfect solution for a marine wake tower or a powersports vehicle like a UTV. The mounting system includes every conceivable tower and roll cage size option, no need to purchase extra equipment. Additionally, the NT1 Towers have been engineered to have less of the enclosure hanging below the mount, which means fewer friends bumping their heads on the speakers.

Life Shield
When you see this Life Shield badge on an MB Quart product, you can rest assured you are choosing a product that has been designed and tested against the elements. Whether it’s waterproof, dust proof, snow proof or shock proof, you will know that this product has been built to handle the outdoors.

Nautic Wake Tower Speakers
Titanium Tweeter
The NT1 Tower speakers features a 1” (25mm) Titanium Tweeter which delivers very musical sound quality with intense SPL.

Nautic Wake Tower Speakers
UV Protected
The tower speakers are designed with a UV protected Thermal Formed Polypropylene Cone, 6.5” & 8” are available. These designs will deliver deep bass & high volume while being protected from sun, sand & water spray.

Nautic Wake Tower Speakers
The grills are integrated into the speaker to help seal the assembly which adds to the protection against the elements. The speaker frame and integrated grill are also UV protected which will help prevent color fade.

Nautic Wake Tower Speakers
Mounting Hardware
Eleven mounting hardware options from 1.5" to 2.75” are included with every enclosure. No need to purchase additional mounting hardware.

Nautic Wake Tower Speakers
Centering Ring
The Centering Ring allows the speakers to tip left/right when mounted to an arced mount which means regardless of the angle of your tower or roll cage, your speakers are always straight.

Limitless Illumination
For the Illuminated Models “L” there is limitless color choices. Optional N1-RC required for control of lighting systems and to sync multiple illuminated speakers.

Nautic Wake Towers / Horns

Maxxsonics Factory Specials
Maxxsonics Factory Specials