This collaboration between Maxxsonics Engineers on the MB Quart team and the Polaris engineering groups have delivered the only audio system designed exclusively for the RZR RS1. Any other choice of audio for the RS1 is basically built as “marine audio” or worse, “car audio” products fitted with a shoe-horn. If you’re going to invest in a machine engineered to the specs of the RS1, don’t choose anything but the OFF-ROAD GRADE AUDIO quality demanded by Polaris Off-Road vehicle designers and owners – that is MB Quart.

Since the single seat, high horsepower RS1 was conceived, the demands to MB Quart product developers was clear. “Make it easy to install, make it loud and make it sound amazing”.

Alden Stiefel, President and CEO of Maxxsonics USA said, “We are several years into our relationship with Polaris now. The continued improvements to product integration within the vehicle designs and overall sound quality is a testament to the efforts of the engineering teams from both Polaris and Maxxsonics.”

The RZR® RS1™ Bluetooth® Integrated 200 Watt Waterproof Audio System (Part #2882696) is available exclusively through Polaris and their network of dealers.

“Through our MB Quart brand, Maxxsonics is delivering the best sounding OEM and aftermarket audio products available to the Polaris dealer network and Polaris Off-Road Vehicle owners,” Mr. Stiefel concluded.

The component tweeters can be seen seamlessly integrated into the top of the dash, left and right of the driver’s
seated position. The helps the WideSphere technology tweeters create a large sound stage.


  • Radial Dial Bluetooth Controller With Aux Input
  • 200 watt full range Class D Amplifier
  • Two Under Dash 5.25 Inch Mica Filled, Poly Cone Component Speakers
  • Two Top of Dash 1 Inch Titanium Dome Tweeters
  • Full system harness with Polaris Pulse™ Electrical
  • Required Installation Hardware

Brian Sherman, Director of Business Development for Maxxsonics said, “Once again we are proud to partner with Polaris with our MB Quart brand for an OEM audio solution. We are all big fans of the RZR platform so when we had the opportunity to work with Polaris on the new RS1, we jumped at the chance”.

“The system we designed for the RS-1 is probably the most integrated audio solution we have designed with Polaris to this point in our 6 year relationship,” concluded Sherman.

Key System Features:


Collaboration between engineering teams guarantees integration and the required OFF-ROAD GRADE AUDIO stamp of approval.


Ergonomically engineered to be operated with minimal movement away from the steering wheel, the Polaris RZR® RS1™ audio system is operated by the innovative joystick controller. The unit easily installs in the switch hole, left of the ignition.


200 watt full range Class D amplifier installs in the lower right side panel with included bracket and hardware. The installation bracket is pretty geniuus. You can see how the amplifier actually attaches to the internal cage.


The amplifier for the RS1 Audio system is a high power amplifier that is designed specifically to augment the component speakers for the vehicle. It is also fully potted making it completely submersible. In electronics the potting process seals the components and PC Board in a waterproof compound.

The MB Quart engineers have incorporated the Q-Stasis preamp stage which provides ultra-low noise through the signal path. That low noise input is paired with our Class Q1 proprietary Full Range Class D Topology for a real sound quality powerhouse.


Component speakers deliver superior high end sound quality over conventional 2-way or other coax style speakers through proper positioning of the tweeters.


1 inch (29mm) Titanium Dome tweeters offer a much more musical sound quality over aluminum. It has very smooth high frequency with the added benefit of additional output and a broader frequency range.


The RS1 speaker system produces powerful deep midbass notes with a very musical midrange section which is very important to instruments and voices in the musical spectrum. The MB Quart engineers utilize a mica filled polypropylene cone which gives the speaker incredible strength and improves the overall waterproof rating. Drivers are amazed at how loud this system can play.


The RZR® RS1™ audio system uses an external high-pass and low-pass design. Improved separation between tweeter and mid/woofer are handled by the 12dB per octave Butterworth network crossover.

The separate crossover minimizes heat into the speaker voice coils and reduces crosstalk between crossover components on the small internal PC board. The crossover also includes tweeter protection circuitry to protect against distortion.

The mid/woofer components are installed under the dash while the tweeters are installed high on the dash which helps create a very large sound stage.


The engineering teams at Polaris and MB Quart consolidated the source unit in a Bluetooth controller, the system is augmented with the 200 watt amplifier, the 5.25 inch component speakers and 1 inch tweeters with the harnessing that terminates at the Polaris Pulse™ connector. This effort delivers incredible audio quality while remaining nearly invisible to those on the outside. With the placement of the Radial controller, you don’t need to take your hands far off the wheel to adjust the audio while all the other audio components and the harness of the system easily plug into each other and integrate into the RZR® RS1™. With the inclusion of the Polaris Pulse™ Connector, integration with the vehicles electrical is all on a single connector.


Chad Marra, Technical Marketing Support at Maxxsonics was the first non-Polaris engineer to install the new audio system in an RS1. Chad impressions were presented at an Research and Design Summit of other Maxxsonics engineers. Some exerpts from Mr. Marra presentation:

  • The sound is amazing with a lot of low end frequencies
  • The manual was well written and very instructive on vehicle disassembly and reassembly
  • Installation was straight forward and no hiccups – took about 1.5 hours
  • Best fitment and non-intrusive install that I have every done
  • Polaris has really made it easy to add additional accessories with the introduction of the Pulse network where it is a plug & go design.


The RZR® RS1™ Bluetooth® Integrated 200 Watt Waterproof Audio System (Part #2882696) is available exclusively through Polaris and their network of dealers. Find full pricing and availability here.