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RZR® Component Rear Doors

  • RZR Component Rear Doors
  • RZR Component Rear Doors
For RZR®: RZR4P Rear Doors by MB Quart
A pair of waterproof 6.5 inch component speakers that include a 1 inch titanium dome tweeter. These speaker panels are preinstalled in the integrated grill and panel for the rear of the RZR4P (2883116) and the are mounted in minutes.

They will require the RZR Dash amplifier (2882122). If you have already installed the RZR door speakers for the front of the vehicle and are using the dash amplifier, no problem. These rear doors include a Y harness or “splitter” to have the dash amplifier run all four door speakers. This is possible because the amplifier is 2 ohm stable and the entire system has been engineered to deliver the Polaris OFF-ROAD GRADE AUDIO sound quality from MB Quart and durability you demand for your Polaris vehicle.

RZR® Component Rear Doors

  1. RZR 4P Rear Door Speakers : Rear Door Panel Speakers

    Polaris RZR 4P Rear Door Speakers with titanium dome tweeters, poly cones and external crossover. ⇒ Details & Images
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