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RANGER® 2018+

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The ALL-IN-ONE audio solutions are simple products or systems to choose and simple to install. Whether you choose a fully outfitted audio system, a sound bar or a simple Bluetooth® speaker.

The ALL-IN-ONE components and system will deliver great audio for years. Some items can even be expanded with additional components from the BUILD YOUR OWN category. Then you are really rocking Polaris OFF-ROAD GRADE AUDIO by MB Quart.
RANGER® Dash Audio Systems
Dash Audio Systems
Powered, 80 watt AM/FM Bluetooth source unit with 5.25 inch speakers.
RANGER® Over Head Audio Systems
Over Head Audio Systems
Powered, 200 watt AM/FM Bluetooth® audio system with four 6.5 inch speakers.
RANGER® Sound Bars
Sound Bars
Four and eight speaker Bluetooth sound bars that control additional audio components.
RANGER® Bluetooth Speakers
Bluetooth Speakers
Bluetooth speaker for any ride, tent, camp site. Completely waterproof.
Build Your Own
When you are ready to customize your audio system, it is time for BUILD YOUR OWN components. These components allow you use different source units, several options of speakers and subwoofers. Some speakers and the subwoofer had their amplifiers built-in and others where you can choose a component amplifier.

Many of the BUILD YOUR OWN components can be added to the ALL-IN-ONE systems and components. See each specific product page for a list of some of the recommended options.
RANGER® Over Head Speakers
Over Head Speakers
Overhead audio system with four 6.5 inch speakers with switch locations.
RANGER® Door Speakers
Door Speakers
A pair of 6.5 full range 2-way speakers with integrated grills and wiring.
RANGER® Rear Over Head Speakers
Rear Over Head Speakers
A pair of 6.5 inch 2-WAY full range rear overhead speakers.
RANGER® Amplifiers
Two channel amplifiers to power RANGER speakers.
RANGER® Extreme Audio Pods
Extreme Audio Pods
A 200 watt built-in amplifier with 8 inch two way speakers with titanium tweeters.
RANGER® Bluetooth Controllers
Bluetooth Controllers
Simple to install Bluetooth™ technology controller will connect to amplifiers.


RANGER® 2018+

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