We headed to the Fox River (in Illinois) for a picturesque day of shooting new products from MB Quart with Steve from Braapwerks (you’ll remember some of Steve’s builds from SEMA). We took out some of the new NA3 amplifiers, NK1 Nautic speakers and the REALLY NEW NP1 Nautic Premium speakers and towers. In fact, these are the first of the new lines to be installed. Check them out HERE from our website!


On the only sunny day we’ve had in months, the Marketing crew headed up to Fox Lake where Steve keeps a few toys in the garage, on the water, and frankly all over the property. The crew was made up of Rob, head of Graphic Design at Maxxsonics, Jim, TEQ Guru everything product oriented and me, Marketing Communications Specialist.

Beautiful day on the dock
Sun’s out… speakers out…

The day was clear and sunny in north-suburban Illinois as the locals enjoyed the 78-degree Tuesday on their boats. Jim, Rob and I arrived at 9:30 A.M. with the car loaded full of products ready for boat fun. Steve being super friendly was nice enough to let us use his dock that included both of his boats for the product shoot. Steve, already a long-time devotee of MB Quart products, uses several MB Quart Audio compression horn speakers on his boats.

Steve giving us a tour as we set up
Steve giving us a tour of the set-up he has on one of his boats
Prepping for the day ahead
Jim and Rob sorting out some of the products and magic to get the job done

Here are some quick details on these new products –

Nautic Marine NA3 Series Amplifiers


Nautic amplifiers are not automotive amplifiers. These amplifiers will work just fine in a car or truck, but they are purposely built to meet the standards set forth for marine electronics by the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM International™ and NMMA. Our target is an amplifier that has been engineered to give you years of sonic happiness on your vessel.


With top mounted controls, you have access to sound contouring with onboard crossovers, bass boost, and adjustable input sensitivity. All are concealed behind a smoke glass that, when in place, creates a waterproof seal.

Nautic amplifiers are available in 4, 5 and 6 channel configurations, so you can drive speakers on the deck, or in the cabin, and have plenty of power for subwoofer channels.

All Feature: IPX67 Rated Waterproof, Gloss White Design, Q-Stasis Preamplifier and Class SQ and Class Q1 Circuit Topology

  • NA3-560.4 – Full Range, 4 channels, 560 watts at 2 ohms
  • NA3-600.6 – Full Range, 6 channels, 600 watts at 2 ohms
  • NA3-1000.5 – Four channels, Full Range, 1 channel for subwoofer 600 watts @ 2 ohms with 200 watts for the subwoofer at 1 ohm
Marine NA3 600.6 Control Panel
Marine NA3 600.6 Control Panel


Since the 1980’s MB Quart has been defining marine speakers and subwoofers, not only in design and innovative materials, but in how those elements result in best-in-class sound quality. Our speakers have won awards from SEMA and CES and we have no intentions of making them any less desirable heading into 2020.

Awarded to Maxxsonics
An award won at SEMA

Making speakers for marine and powersports applications is a tough task. With the Nautic Premium series, you are choosing the best speaker on the water. All our Nautic Premium speakers have painted finish with UV inhibitors as we use: Acrylonitrile, Styrene, Acrylate, or ASA. It is a thermoplastic developed as an alternative to acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, (when used in the automotive industry) meaning there is basically an “element shield” keeping the plastic components of your speakers protected. In fact, waterproof means dust proof, so you can install these on your UTV too.

All Feature: Titanium Tweeters with High-Energy N38H Neodymium Motors, Injection Molded Composite Polypropylene Cone with Co-Molded Santoprene™ Surrounds mounted in Composite (ASA + Fiberglass) Frames

  • NP1-116 – Full Range, 6.5-inch waterproof speaker, handles 120 PEAK / 60 RMS watts
  • NP1-120 – Full Range, 8-inch waterproof speaker, handles 140 PEAK / 70 RMS watts
  • NP1-169 – Full Range, 6X9 inch waterproof speaker, handles 140 PEAK / 70 RMS watts
  • NPT1-120 – Full Range, 8-inch waterproof wake tower speaker, handles 140 PEAK / 70 RMS watts
  • NPW-254 – Shallow Mount, 10 waterproof subwoofer, handles 600 PEAK / 300 RMS watts
NP1-169 Nautic Premium 6 x 9 Speaker
NP1-169 Nautic Premium 6 x 9 Speaker


The Nautic Premium marine and off-road vehicle waterproof speakers and subwoofer are finished in a hardened composite with their color inspired by the black sand beaches of Kaimu Hawaii.

Each of the new waterproof Nautic Premium speakers include three different grill inserts: Kaimu Black, Miami Silver, and Bahama White. Many enthusiasts use the white grill insert to lightly sand and paint to match their personal style and vehicle.


The Nautic white series (NK1) round out the line. We have offered these speakers and the subwoofer for a few summers in only the Dove Grey, but due to popular demand, we now offer the key speaker sizes and one subwoofer in full marine white. Each NK1 coaxial speaker (available in 6.5”, 6×9” and 10” sub) utilizes a proprietary composite basket, magnet cover, and grill to ensure reliability.

All Feature: Titanium Tweeters, Composite Polypropylene Cones, Butyl Rubber Surrounds, High Energy Y30 Motor Assemblies

  • NK1-116W – Full Range, 6.5-inch waterproof speaker, handles 120 PEAK / 60 RMS watts
  • NK1-169W – Full Range, 6X9 inch waterproof speaker, handles 140 PEAK / 70 RMS watt
  • NW1-254W – Shallow Mount, 10 waterproof subwoofer, handles 600 PEAK / 300 RMS watts

Jim played a crucial role in setting up, screwing in, and swapping out the speakers and amplifiers quickly as Rob worked meticulously on getting the camera ready for the next shot. Jim also played a pivotal part in directing the light on the boats for Rob while he was capturing that perfect shot with the camera.

Jim works at a rapid pace while he’s getting sunburned
Adjusting for the perfect angle, per the director’s instructions

Rob has been the creative leader for everything marketing touches since 2012. He worked quickly and efficiently readying the next lens, positioning the tri-pod, and shooting all of the pictures throughout the day. Capturing that perfect hero shot of each product was vital to Rob as he strived for perfection with every product. Job well done as he NEVER fell overboard into the river (or lost the camera).

Managing the tripod and camera theatrics while Jim helps add more lighting to the shot
Like a sniper shooting, Rob captures the perfect shot while Steve gets in position
Steve cruising on his boat
Close-up of the Bahama White (grill insert) Nautic Premium Speakers on Steve’s boat

For lunch, Steve was chill with driving us over on one of his boats to the BROKEN OAR MARINA-BAR & GRILL, and that provided a golden opportunity for Rob to capture some great shots of our Bahama White MB Quart speaker product in action.

Broken Oar
A packed house at Broken Oar

Broken Oar was packed when the locals found out MB Quart was treating for beers. After lunch, flying the drone and getting some great aerial footage of Steve on his boat was the next priority. Rob brought his drone and flew it over the boat simultaneously as he navigated the river. Amazing footage was captured, and it was a climatic way to end a perfect day on the river with MB Quart Audio and great friends.

Drone in action
Rob homing in on Steve from above
Mr. Anderson FAA Approved!

Below are some additional pictures from the day. Enjoy.

Fox River, IL
Lots of history on the Fox River
Strike a pose
Rob, deep in thought, strikes a pose
Jim and Rob... teamwork makes the dream work
Jim swaps out a speaker while Rob focuses on getting the camera ready for the next shot
Nautic Premium Speakers with the Bahama White grill color (other grill colors include Kaimu Black and Miami Silver)
Kaimu Black Nautic Premium Speakers
Miami Silver
Miami Silver Nautic Premium Speakers
Miami Silver (back & front)
Miami Silver Nautic Premium Speakers (back & front)
Kaimu Black Nautic Premium Speakers
Rob planning his angle and strategy around the next shot

Special thank you to Steve from Braapwerks for letting us set sail for the day on his dock with some amazing NEW products from MB Quart. Special thanks to Jim White for the quick work on the product setup, and Rob Anderson for pristine execution behind the lens. Be sure to check us out on our website for ALL products related to MB Quart and hit us up on our Facebook page.

Oh, and for those that have no idea what a Kenosha curd is… here you go, you’re welcome!