Polaris engineering and MB Quart new product development teams have been working in tandem over the last several years with one simple goal. Improve the audio experience in the Polaris machines like the RZR and the Ranger, among others.

The problem was clear, you cannot expect a car audio stereo that is designed for the safe environment of an automobile to survive off-road – and they don’t. Not even products that are “marine certified” are built with the robust back bone of a Polaris Audio by MB Quart component. That is why we call it, “off-road grade audio.”

Rest assured that when you see and hear us talking about OFF-ROAD GRADE AUDIO. We know what we are talking about because MB Quart has been building and designing products for marine for years and with the help of the Polaris engineering teams, our audio products are as close to indestructible as possible.

Kegan Gravatt and the team at Midwest Sports Center put on an incredible show at Rally at the Mines in Farmington, MO. Held over the weekend, April 8-9 2017, it was incredible. Hosted at St. Joe’s State Park which is about 1.5 hours Southwest of St. Louis.

This was the perfect opportunity to show off all the OFF-ROAD GRADE AUDIO we have been working on.

Several of the machines on the Polaris Experience were outfitted with the new OFF-ROAD GRADE AUDIO. One RZR had Ride Command for the source unit with the new Dash Amp and Door Speakers. The other RZR had the 10 speakers audio roof with the dash amp and door speakers along with a pair of extreme audio pods and the RZR 12”, 200 watt subwoofer. Here is a walk around of one of the units on Instagram or YouTube.

For those Rally at the Mines attendees that couldn’t get a ride in one of the Experience Machines, they were able to learn about the OFF-ROAD GRADE AUDIO from the large marketing message, and the MB QUART audio cage which is like a rull RZR, without wheels, tires, suspension..  and ok, an Engine. In point of fact, it’s a roll cage that holds two seats and the audio system. But it sounds great, just like your Polaris machine can.

The AUDIO CAGE DEMO is an easy way to hear the philosophy of OFF-ROAD GRADE AUDIO

  • BUILD YOUR SOUND – Start by selecting the source unit. Choices like Ride Command or a Sound Bar, or the Bluetooth Controller, allow you to get started building the sound of your audio system.
  • EXPANDABILITY – Add on door speakers, subwoofers and even the Extreme Audio Pods to nearly every system.


The Roof Audio Systems, are available in a 4 speaker, an 8 speaker or a 10 speaker system. They are typically the only choice you will need to make. All three roof systems include an Am/Fm Bluetooth controller.

The two choices of sound bars are similar source units but do not include AM/FM radio functions. Only Bluetooth control, which is perfect if your machine is typically far from civilization and radio reception.

But, we also want expandability, even if we choose an ALL-IN-ONE solution. The roof systems and both sound bars allow for expansion to add door speakers with the dash amplifier and the Extreme Audio Pods and subwoofer which both have their amplifiers built-in.


Off-Road Grade Audio is well beyond marine grade or even car audio. Those audio systems are fine and MB Quart has both options, however, these are not made to be brutalized on the trails, dunes and mud.

One night the park stayed up late, specifically for a night ride. Typically the park is shut down at 8pm. Really incredible to see all these machine trailing through the Missouri back country.


When you’re done for the day, give it a quick spray and you are ready for the next ride. We advise that you use only a garden hose with a sprayer – never use a high pressure sprayer or power washer on your speakers or electronics.  

Big thanks to Scott, Casey and Billy from Side by Side Stuff.com for getting out there and getting some incredible images. Check out their blog from Rally at the Mines to see these and many more.

Also, a big high-five to Kegan and his team and family for the hospitality to everyone from the Polaris and MB Quart teams. It was a really great and safe weekend.