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Dynamix RZR RIDE COMMAND and MB Quart Audio Upgrade

5/23/18 1:24 AM  |  MB Quart General News

Dynamix RIDE COMMAND and MB Quart Audio Upgrade 

We are on a mission to make every RZR have incredible music. Next up, the new RZR Dynamix. This machine is incredible. And now, we have a “get er done” installer and technician that has found a solution where there wasn’t one a few weeks back. 


NOTICE – The following tips and tricks require custom installation work. If you or your customers want to keep your RZR 100% fully stock, you will need to wait for bit longer for an official solution. Please click here now to exit the blog


Dynamix machines are delivered either with no audio installed or with a small amplifier that powers the MB Quart door speakers. In this machine, we want it all MB Quart. With the following steps you can upgrade the audio solution to deliver more sound and more volume. How about powerful door speakers and a set of Extreme Audio Pods for the rear? Maybe two pairs in the back.

Polaris Ride Command MB Quart Dynamix RZR



Our installer Jerimiah Pastryk, Technician and Installer for 14 years at Nielsens Enterprises in Lake Villa, Illinois had a customer shipping their brand new Dynamix to their home in the mountains out west. But first, they needed Jeramiah to fill it with MB Quart. Here is how he did it.

Dynamix RZR Ride Command MB Quart Audio Integration

First, you remove the hood and the top of the dash. You will have full access to the front and rear of RIDE COMMAND this way. Since you’re operating at this level, we will assume you can get to these pictures without instructions on dismantling.

Here is a view of the plate that covers and mounts Dynamix ECU. You can also see the audio connectors coming out of RIDE COMMAND.   

Dynamix RZR MB Quart Audio Ride Command


Next step, use the MB Quart amplifier 2883738 to mark the mounting spots where you will drill on the metal. 

Referencing Jerimiah's image below you will drill 4 small holes with a 13/64 inch bit. Be very careful to not go deeper that just past the sheet metal. 


Dynamix RZR MB Quart Audio Ride Command


Next step, adapt the cables for your installation.  In Jerimiah’s installation, he did door speakers and Extreme Audio Pods in the rear. 


RZR Dynamix MB Quart Audio Ride Command Installation


This configuration will require two of the RC1-JST adapters, available from the Polaris website or MB Quart sites. Additionally, the rear audio harness will be required for the rear pods, but the good news is that the $70. Harness is now included with the new RIDE COMMAND compatible Extreme Audio Pods 2883739

Once the outputs of the RIDE COMMAND unit are modified, mount the amplifier in the holes you have drilled with 4 - M5 12mm Torx screws and 4 - Nylock nuts which are included with the MB Quart amplifier. 


Dynamix Polaris RZR MB Quart audio Ride Command


With the amplifier mounted and RIDE COMMAND adapters in place you can now wire the amp up to the speakers. You can run the front and the rear RZR door speakers from a single RZR Dash Amplifier. The rear door speaker kit includes a harness splitter that will allow the amplifier to operate the all four door speakers. No additional harnesses are required. 



See all the specification and features for the front RZR door speakers HERE

MB Quart Dynamix RZR Front Speaker



See all the specification and features for the front RZR door speakers HERE


Polaris RZR Rear Doors Dynamix Ride Command MB Quart Audio


For the rear of this customer unit, Jerimiah used the new RIDE COMMAND compliant Extreme Audio Pods is 2883739. With a Y adapter/splitter you can run a dual pair of EXAP speakers.

Polaris Ride Command MB Quart Dynamix RZR


The final step was the addition of the RIDE COMMAND dash kit, which was cannibalized for the special AM/FM antenna with the braided metal ground. Find it here, part #2883114. Jeramiah found this was the only solution for radio reception in the RZR Dynamix. 

Once everything is installed and tested you can reassemble the body panels and zip it up.

At the end of this installation, the customer was so excited with their Dynamix RZR they picked up the machine 3 days early and left the state. That is customer satisfaction - Nothern Illinois Style!  


Jeramiah Nielsen's Enterprises Lake Villa, IL

Jerimiah Pastryk, Accesory Installer and Mechanic

Nielsens Enterprises in Lake Villa, IL

When they return to Illinois in the winter, we expect they will be ready for the subwoofer upgrade. Jeramiah and the team at Nielsens will be ready. 

RZR Dynamix Off Road Grade Audio MB Quart Ride Command


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