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MB Quart launches new compact amplifiers at SEMA, Booth 61005

10/26/16 2:20 PM  |  MB Quart General News

The Superhero - NA2
BIG power in a small body


The NA2 compact amplifies are designed with full range class D technology. This allows them to be  very compact which allows them to be installed where space is really at a premium. 

Over the last few year, off road enthusiasts that needed a real musical solution have been using the NA1 series amplifiers from MB Quart, but, now, the new NA2 delivers a great evolution.  




Like their predecessors, the NA2 compact amplifier feature sealed wiring from the amplifiers, with a detachable wire harness that simplifies installation in tight spaces. Simply wire it up then plug it in! Although these amps are small in size, they’re big on power and features. There’s no shortage of controls necessary to dial your system in and there’s plenty of power on hand to satisfy the demands of nearly any speaker.


Select a 4 Channel and Mono for a perfect system design


MB Quart engineers have continued engineering and squeezing. In other words, the team has engineered more power from the same amount of space which now allows the NA2 Series of amplifiers to easily handle 2 ohm loads. This will dramatically improve the flexibility of system design and double the power output with the proper speaker impedance.  


The NA2 amplifiers offer variable voltage to perfect balance any system input



Various equalization controls of the three models plus variable inputs from 0.2V-4V on low level and 0.8V - 15V on high level allow easy customizing of system design.


The NA-2 amplifiers are now a larger line from the previous. New models are a 320 watt 4 channel, a 400 2 channel version, a 400 watt mono and now a 500 watt 5 channel amplifier – which may be the only amplifier needed in a powersports installation.

MB Quart NA2 compact powersports amplifiers

Just a little perspective. Yes - we are Hockey Nuts! 


There are more choices in than in the NA1 Series, but one consistent theme, these little amps are powerful but so tiny. Make sure to check out the full line.  


MB Quart NHT1-120B


Take a few minutes to check out all the power sports and marine speakers, wake towers and subwoofers that will be perfect for NA2 amplifiers. A perfect solution for the NA2 amplifiers are the new line of Compression Horns from MB Quart. LEARN MORE here.  


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