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Bass. Defined. Formula subwoofers are now available in the USA

5/24/18 2:36 PM  |  MB Quart General News

NEW FOR 2018

The ideal balance of a high end car audio system requires the perfect mix of speaker tone, deep bass impact and clean undistorted power. With MB Quart we make it simple to develop the impeccable Formula for a great sounding system. In the Formula subwoofers you will find that deep, powerful bass is delivered easily.

MB Quart Formula Subwoofers


Dual 4 ohm 2 inch voice coils with Polypropylene Cones and Butyl Surrounds and a stunning new design will be an easy add-on for customers with Formula speakers. 


The Formula subwoofers offer the perfect solution for bass in an audio system. Woofer delivers 600 watts Peak and 300 watts RMS power handling.



• Power handling 300 / 600 watts

• High temperature dual 4 ohm, 2 inch voice coils allows subwoofers to handle more power

• Polypropylene cone with UV Butyl rubber surround to add additional strength in high SPL applications

• Designed for small sealed and medium to large ported (vented) enclosures



In our Audi installation featured above we are using a vented enclosure from the team at A-Trend. For you custom enclosure builders with some real experience designing enclsosures here are the T/S specs for you to design your subwoofer system. These subwoofers are designed for small sealed and medium to large ported (vented) enclosures.

MB Quart Formula Subwoofer voted best car audio subwoofer in Europe



Formula subwoofers are designed to produce increcible music, but you cand see by their design, they are not for faint of heart. This means that regardless of the digital music style, streaming apps, or source you choose, these subwoofers will deliver a stunning audio solution, with MB Quart Formula.

MB Quart Formula Subwoofers



Every detail matters with MB Quart engineers. Some have said, they are a bit obssesive. OK. Look how it pays off in Subwoofer designs. Even the speaker wire connections are upgraded. A polished nickel design with a spring loaded "Push & Insert" style connector.

MB Quart Formula Subwoofers


And, the OCD continues 'round the back. The rear of the subwoofer features the MB Quart logo and an advanced design to keep the rear of the subwoofer looking us as good as the front for those installations with acryrlic when you really ar going to show off.

Looking deep into the frame you can see the fit and finish of the spider looks "show quality". This is standard practice for MB Quart designs. 

MB Quart Formula Subwoofer voted by car audio speaker in Europe



Regarding subwoofer system design, you need to consider two things. First, what is the power from the amplifier and at what impedance load? Second, can I wire my subwoofers to maximize that power output?

With the Formula subwoofers, you and your installer can wire to your amplifier in several options with 1 subwoofer or more. Here are just a few options for how to appropriately wire up a Formula Dual 4 Ohm subwoofers.


MB Quart Formula Subwoofers



MB Quart has been a demand brand around the world for decades. Especially in the Canadian, Latin America and and European markets. In fact, if you are ever in the area, you should check out the incredible cars and build teams at the Wörthersee show every year.

This is the introduction of the VW Golf GTI and the team were featured in an article in Motor-Talk in Germany. The 35th Anniversary Golf GTI is a perfect car to outfit a full MB Quart Formula audio system.

MB Quart Formula with VW Spec R

"The Golf GTI celebrates its 40th birthday, the VW meeting at Lake Wörthersee is 35th To celebrate the anniversary VW trainees build two strong studies."



The Formula equation is completed in any audio system with the the Formuala speakers. The line features speakers from 3.5 inch and 4x6 inch for simple OEM replacements all the way to the large high power models engineered for large powerful systems and 6.5 inch components. See the full line story in the QUARTER NOTE BLOG with full specs and pricing in the links below.


mb qUART formula component speakers


Most car audio system use the component speakers (pictured here) up front with a 6x9 or 6.5 inch round speaker in the rear of the vehicle all powered by a four channel amplifiers.

With Formula subwoofers and a choice of speakers you will have a car audio system no par with some of the best builds in the world.


MB Quart Facebook and Instagram


Follow MB Quart on Facebook and Instagram for the latest in events we are attending and watch for featured installation that highlight MB Quart builds from Europe, Canada, Latin America and Asia. To have your install featured and get a shout-out, #MBQuart and tag us @MBQuart



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MB Quart Formula Subwoofer Manual

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