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Z-Line Speakers

Z-Line Speakers

  • Composite basket w/original German-spec material
  • 30mm ceramic coated titanium dome tweeter
  • Tweeter features nylon surround for lower fs
  • Mica-filled PP cone mated to UV butyl surround
  • 12bd/octave crossovers used throughout line
  • Removable phase lens allows the tweeter to be tuned for the application

Tweeter Composition Benefits

  • Military grade “A” titanium used throughout Z-Line
  • Added nano ceramic coating for extended range
  • Use of titanium originated by MBQ in the late 60’s
  • High heat tolerance handles more power
  • Greatest weight to strength ratio of any metal
  • Unmatched frequency extension – beyond 30kHz
  • Smooth response within the audible range
  • A titanium tweeter plays loud and clear when you need it to but sounds great all the time!

Basket Composite Specifications

  • Basket material blend is PA6 + 15% glass fiber
  • PA6 is a cast nylon material with higher tensile & flexural strength than steel, ABS or other plastics
  • High operating temperature capability – up to 428°
  • 15% of composition has added short glass fiber strands that further improve torsional rigidity
  • Result is a lightweight basket with extremely tight manufacturing tolerances
  • Non-conductive material doesn’t absorb magnetic energy like stamped steel resulting in a smaller, more compact speaker

ZT1-25 Z-Line Tweeters

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Removable phase lens shown

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Part#: ZT1-25


1" Ceramic coated titanium dome Tweeter with 12dB in-line crossover


Part #: ZT1-25 | SKU: 806576224587 | Category: Z-Line Speakers
This is a component tweeter only from the top of the line Z-Line components. Perfect for adding additional high frequency drivers to an installation. The ZT1-25 is a pair of 1 inch Ceramic coated titanium dome Tweeter with a pair of specific 12dB per octave slope in-line crossovers that protect only this tweeter.


Part #: ZT1-25 | SKU: 806576224587 | Category: Z-Line Speakers
  • RMS Power Handling (CEA426B)
    20 watts
  • Peak Power Handling (CEA426B)
    40 watts
  • Speaker Impedance
    4 Ohms
  • Frequency Response +/- 10dB
    1K - 20KHz/li>
  • Sensitivity (1 watt/1 meter)
  • Crossover Point
  • Crossover Slope
  • Weight (with Grills)
    0.8 lbs
  • Hardware
    Flush and Surface Mounting Hardware Included

System Includes

Part #: ZT1-25 | SKU: 806576224587 | Category: Z-Line Speakers
More info in development & coming soon!

Features & Benefits

Part #: ZT1-25 | SKU: 806576224587 | Category: Z-Line Speakers
  • 1.4” (38mm) Ceramic Coated, Titanium Dome Tweeter
    Ceramic coating helps to reduce over tones and harmonic distortions that can occur when using Titanium at higher power levels. The assures the system is producing the highest sound quality with the lowest distortions.
  • Treated Silk Surround
    Silk reduces harsh distortions which can develop on the the surround in the transition point from the tweeter dome to frame where the surround mounts.
  • 35mm (1”) dome on a 25mm (1”) voice coil
    Creating a larger radiating area on the dome creates more output giving the tweeter a louder yet smoother sound.
  • Removable Phase Lens
    The phase lens allows “Dispersion Tuning” which permits the listener to widen or narrow the width of the soundstage depending on the chosen mounting location. When the tweeter is installed away from listeners or pointing at a windshield, a wide dispersion is better - phase lens on. When the tweeter is mounted with direct access to the listener, the phase lens off, creates a narrow soundstage with brighter high tones. Additionally the phase lens aides in reducing harsh harmonic that can develop at higher frequencies.
  • External Crossover with -12dB Per Octave Slope
    High frequency driver has a 12dB per octave slope on the output of the crossover
  • Terminal Connections
    Secure speaker wire of between crossover and tweeter


Part #: ZT1-25 | SKU: 806576224587 | Category: Z-Line Speakers
More info in development & coming soon!


Part #: ZT1-25 | SKU: 806576224587 | Category: Z-Line Speakers
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