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ZA2 Amplifier

Audiophile in the Car

The engineers here at MB Quart designed the ZA2 line of amplifiers for one reason. "To deliver the best sounding amplifier available for a critical listening audio system."


But, they did not stop there, because we use the gear in our cars too, we also want to feel that beat, right?


With a mix of sound quality technologies, MB Quart amplifiers are about making music, not just sound pressure levels. The ZA2 amplifiers feature the unique Q-Stasis pre-amplifier circuitry to keep incoming noise from source units at nearly immeasurable levels and Class SQ designs with FLUID-FET output devices to mimic the sound quality of the highest end home and recording studio amplifiers. There is no doubt that these amplifiers have the high end sound and deep seated power to exceed your expectations.


The ZA2 line is available in 2 and 4 channel full range versions, plus a unique 5 channel that delivers a 5th channel that is 1 ohm stable and lastly a dedicated subwoofer amplifier that delivers 1000 watts at 1 ohm. Here is a quick view of some of that is happening in the ZA2 amplifier


On Board Equalization
The ZA2 Series of amplifiers have built in equalization to fine tune the system with Low Pass, High Pass and Level Control. Take a close look at the 5 channel controls and check out how much equalization control you have over frequency and gain to all five channels. It is a pretty amazing amplifier.


Class SQ
Multi-channel ZA2 amplifiers utilize the unique MB Quart Class SQ topology. Matched with Q-Stasis the sonic accuracy and clarity exceeds standard Class A/B amplifiers.

The highly engineered Q-Stasis pre-amplifier stage reduces incoming noise from source units dramatically improving sound quality.
Class Q1 Mono
MB Quart’s Class Q1 offers the efficiency of today’s D-Class with increased engineering to focus on sound quality from the power supply through the output devices, the FLUID-FETS.
MB Quart output devices, FLUID-FETS are painstakingly selected for their ability to efficiently produce power and mimic the sound quality of the highest end home amplifiers.

All MB Quart ZA2 amplifiers feature:

  • High-end mobile audio amplifiers with striking design
  • Q-Stasis Pre-Amplifier Input Section
  • Class SQ Technology in 2, 4 and 5 channel amplifiers
  • Class Q1 Technology in Mono and 5th channel amplifier
  • FLUID-FET hand selected insulated MOSFET output devices
  • Focused mass heat sink designs
  • Bass Remote Included on mono and 5 channel amplifiers

ZA2 Amplifier

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