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Q Speakers

WideSphere Sound
When only the best will do, MB Quart offers the world renowned ‘Q’ Speakers. The QS216 offers the highest standard sound experience through innovative materials and superior workmanship that has no equal in the industry. The mid-bass cone is made from Nomex PMI composite material designed to be both light in weight and rigid. This unique combination allows for a flat linear response and incredible low frequency reproduction with high sensitivity.

Q Series Speakers
WideSphere™ Tweeter
The QS216 features a 40mm WideSphere™ Teteron silk dome tweeter allowing flawless reproduction of sound and improved durability.

Q Series Speakers
Q Control Crossover
The high definition crossovers offer advanced “Q Control” for the tweeter and midrange with variable points of attenuation.

Q Series Speakers
Nomex Composite Cone
The Q Series utilizes a 6.5” Nomex PMI curvilinear composite material designed to be both light in weight and rigid.

Q Series Speakers
Cast Aluminum Basket
Cast aluminum basket for improved frequency response and deep midbass. The cast aluminum design dramatically reduces resonance from the frame.

Q Series Speakers
Balanced Temperature Technology
Balanced Temperature Technology ensures the highest quality sound, even throughout lengthy periods of high power listening.

Q Series Speakers
Butyl Rubber Surround
Another key to MB Quart sound quality is the UV protected Butyl Rubber Surround. Butyl improves sound quality without drying or cracking.

Q Speakers

  1. QS216 Speaker System - Discontinued : 6.5" component 80W RMS 160W max

    6.5" Component 80 Watts RMS 160 Watts MAXX The QS216 Speakers is no longer available. ⇒ Details & Images