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BMW Speakers

BMW Sound
The engineers at MB Quart determined that a specific speaker system designed to perfectly replace the factory system would sound fantastic and improve sound quality. The subwoofer drivers have been upgraded to develop deeper bass and handle more power. The midrange components have been redesigned to polypropylene cones with Butyl rubber surrounds with larger motor assemblies which will improve power handling and tonal quality in the midrange and high bass frequencies. The tweeters have be improved to a silk dome design with the MB Quart WideSphere™ technology.

BMW Speakers
MB Quart for BMW
The QM200.3BMW consists of six speaker components which will perfectly replace the existing system while retaining the factory condition of the vehicle with no impact to factory warranty.

BMW Speakers
5,3,1 Series and X1 Specific
Drop in solution for the F10/F11 2010-present, E60/E61 2003–2010, E81/E82 2004–present, E87 2004-2007, E88 2007-Present, E90/E91 2006-2011, E84 2009-Present.

BMW Speakers
Semi-Active 3 way component speaker system including 6 vehicle specific subwoofers, midrange, tweeter and crossover components.

BMW Speakers
MB Quart Crossover
QM200.3BMW includes a high end crossover network for each channel. The crossover was developed to improve the crossover points to each speaker which improves sound quality.

BMW Speakers
The QM200.3BMW is easy to install. For those a bit more leery, the detailed installation manual has a step by step process with photography.

BMW Speakers
Three Years
MB Quart designs products that will deliver years of enjoyment. The engineers respect the name of BMW and therefore are confident to offer a 3 year warranty to the original purchaser of the QM200.3BMW.

Legal Notice
MB Quart or Maxxsonics USA, Inc. are in no way affiliated with the Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies. All registered product names, trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

BMW Speakers

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