NEW for 2020, Premium Series speakers take the top tier in the mobile lineup.

MB Quart is showcasing the new, top of the line, Premium Series speakers at SEMA 2019 (booth #60012). Get ready for all of your audio to be enhanced through the world of Premium.

Included in this new line is a unique SKU that we have not offered before, the 400 Watt, 3-Way component system, PS1-316. This Premium audiophile system is a 3-Way component package complete with a pair of 1” Magnesium Widesphere technology tweeters that deliver exceptional musical reproduction of high frequencies (with a large sweet spot or off-axis listening area) plus two pairs of mid-range and mid-bass drivers. This system will offer you levels of clarity, coupled with rich quality sound, creating superior audio for all of your playlists that demand the best.

PS1-316 Premium 3-Way Component System

Continuing on with the larger drivers, they start with a pair of 4” mid-range speakers (to handle higher midrange tones) and a pair of 6.5” mid-bass drivers for drums and high sub frequencies. These drivers utilize the new curvilinear cone technology, that employs a lightweight aerated pop paper with Mica blend. The mids and mid-bass speakers are housed in an innovative frame, which is engineered with PA66 composite with 30% glass fiber (which renders the frame insert, eliminating harmonic distortion).

The entire package is controlled by an external crossover, that will be appreciated by any music enthusiast, for its ability to guide the proper frequencies from the amplifier into the appropriate drivers (utilizing tight tolerance components). Every model in the Premium line is engineered with the same meticulous care that we put into the PS1-316.

Brian Sherman, Vice President of Product & Marketing for Maxxsonics USA said, At MB Quart, we put sound quality above everything else and our new Premium Series speakers are just the latest example of this approach. The use of exotic materials, like lightweight aerated pop paper cones with Mica blend and real magnesium tweeter domes, is yet another big step in performance for the MB Quart brand.”


Magnesium Dome Tweeters

  • 1” Magnesium dome tweeter for musical reproduction of high frequencies

WideSphere Technology

  • Tunable waveguide tweeter housing with removable phase lens to create a larger-than-life soundstage

Curvilinear Cone

  • Lightweight aerated pop paper cone with Mica blend for strength and superior bass frequency reproduction

Low Resonant Frame

  • Aerospace grade PA66 composite with 30% glass fiber speaker frame to assure that no harmonic distortions affect the tone of the speaker

 Audiophile Crossover

  • The crossover network, which guides the frequencies to each driver, is designed with tight tolerance components for superb sound quality

These are some of the best sounding speakers MB Quart has ever offered. We’re excited to offer these speakers in new sizes and configurations in an effort to make life easier for installers,” concluded Sherman


*Pricing, specifications and performance subject to improvement without notice