MB Quart compression driver and integrated grills

MB Quart Compression Horns added to the expanding Nautic marine and Powersports line

MB Quart, Defining Music for years, now further pushes the envelope on audio designed for Marine and Powersports applications. MB Quart continues to supersede competitors with their innovative engineering and design teams.

This year brings a new line of MARINE GRADE & COMPACT AMPLIFIERS, plus fully WATERPROOF SPEAKERS and BLUETOOTH SOURCE UNITS as well as BLUETOOTH CONTROLLERS. Click the links to read about all the new products.


The big news for 2017 is the introduction of the Point Source Technology featuring Ultra-High Sensitivity or UHS Technology in an industry first Coincident Mounted Compression Horn designed to deliver unequalled amounts of SPL while also supplying a full range of frequencies. The key advantages of these horn speakers are their ability to produce about five times more sound than a traditional cone speaker from a given amplifier output.

Point Source Compression Horn Tower Speakers & UHS Technology

The new ultra-high sensitivity (UHS) speakers create a single point source with a unified magnetic structure allowing all musical energy across the frequency band to come from a single focal point within the transducer. This dramatically improves the directionality of the speaker system while the design of the compression horn improves SPL. This is such a great feature when you are wakeboarding behind a boat or sitting in an off-road vehicle. All the music, right where you want it!      

The systems are available in an 8-inch tower and 6.5-inch compact tower speakers plus 6.5 door speakers. With minimal amplification, these MB Quart UHS technology drivers can produce 92dB from a 6.5 inch and 95dB from the 8-inch driver.  Also, the speakers are available in black or white.

By blending the benefits of a shortened horn design with our thermal formed woofer cones your music has never been more defined.

Details of the NHT1 8 inch compression horn

UHS Compression Horns and Speakers

– Available in 8 inch tower speakers, 6.5 compact tower speakers and 6.5 door speakers

– White and Black Models available

– 25mm Titanium Compression Diaphragms deliver 95dB at 1 watt, 1 meter

– Robust molded enclosure

– Recessed and steel reinforced mounting system

– Fully Waterproof, IPX67 protection

– Red, Blue or “No” Illumination wiring options.

Details of the rear of the MB Quart NHT1 enclosures

The MB Quart NHT1 incorporates all the features of the compression drivers with the advantage of a steel reinforced mounting system. Internally, we have engineered steel plates for added strength from your roll cage or two bar to the speak support. For mounting the enclosure to your vehicle we have included 11 mounting sizes – nothing extra to buy.


For those more difficult installations, you may need to get the optional swivel mount. This mount allows your speaker enclosure to rotate up or down 180 degrees. With our Transverse Mounting design, each speaker can rotate in opposite directions. The MB Quart optional swivel mount is available in black, white and grey. They are packaged individually.

Close up of the mount for the MB Quart NH1-120B available as an option. 


Match up the compression horns with MB Quart amplifiers, marine certified source units, and Bluetooth controllers to complete your system design.


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