The portable MB Quart Bluetooth speaker promises uncompromised sound from a compact package.

There are so many Bluetooth speakers on the market. As you could probably guess though, each of these speakers is not created equal. If you’re looking for something that can rock the house, the yard, or anywhere you may roam, consider packing something like the MB Quart QUBFour in your bag. The QUBFour (also known as the QUB4) is the top model in the company’s QUB lineof Bluetooth wireless speakers. (That’s pronounced “kyoob,” by the way and is an acronym for Quart Universal Bluetooth.)

QUB Speaker QUB4 Bluetooth Speaker

MB Quart QUBFour Portable Bluetooth Speaker

According to MB Quart, the unit doesn’t have any type of internal Digital Signal Processing (DSP), because it doesn’t really need it. It just sounds good right out of the box. Much of that ability comes from the speaker’s built-in CSR BT4.0 chipset and 12-watt amplifier, which allows the speaker to operate at a higher voltage, all without messing with the sound quality. It also has 50mm neodymium drivers with ultra-efficient neodymium magnets and a racetrack passive radiator for producing big sound and even bigger bass.

Although you may be tempted to hoard the sound for yourself, the QUBFour is made for sharing—with devices, anyway. This model can be paired with up to two different devices at a time, so you can flip between a smartphone and a tablet without having to reconnect. Other features include a noise-cancelling microphone for conference calls, a 3.5mm input, and a lithium polymer (LIPO) battery that promises up to 12 hours of playtime. (Just know that it requires about 3.5 hours of recharge time via the included 110-volt adapter.)

It even has voice prompts, which basically means that the speaker can tell you when the “QUB is On,” when the “QUB is Pairing,” and other pertinent information. (MB Quart – see and hear QUB)



Perfect for the kitchen, garage, office, or wherever else you need to sneak in a little sound, the QUBFour is available in blue and red finishes. MB Quart is selling the QUBFour now, priced at $199.99.

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