Nothing is better than a fast boat on a great water way with powerful music to spend a weekend.

The MB Quart Nautic marine speakers need to be put on a boat and enjoyed. For that, we like Lake Havasu. Especially over the 4th of July weekend in a 2010 Eliminator Fundeck XR race drive with a blown 502 putting 830 horsepower on the props. Are you squirming yet? This beast does well over 85 MPH.

Here is a quick video from Idea Film Factory in Lake Havasu, AZ – thanks Ben, great working with you.

The MB Quart system is fully controlled by one of the GMR family of Bluetooth source units. the GMR-2, which is our Bluetooth controller, with 160 watts. Yup, built-in 4 channel amplifier but… the coolest feature might be that you can plug in 2 hard wired remotes. In an install like the Fundeck, you have a remote on the swim deck and another under the cabin. Just beware, there is always some jack-wagon that is seasick down below screwing with the music choice.

MB Quart GMR-2 AM/FM Bluetooth Source Unit – 40 Watts x 4

Next, let’s discuss speakers – they are everywhere.  Several sets of the award winning Nautic marine speakers: NK1-116L and NK1-120L, are all synced up with the remote – very illuminating. Check this video for how easily you can change colors, make a show or just sync several pairs of NK1 speakers or NT1 wake tower together.

Two pair of the NK1-116L at the captain’s chair

Nautic NK1-120L in the front arm rest of the boat

Sorry, no shots of the subwoofers, Chris says there is some voodoo enclosure he’s using and his installer won’t share the design. All of us ex-IASCA competitors sure can relate and respect that. Suffice it to say that Chris is using a killer MB Quart mono amp powering four of the NW1-254L 12 inch Nautic subs.

Thanks to Chris from Arrowlane for bringing out his 2010 Eliminator Fundeck. To learn more about MB Quart’s marine audio, visit