WideSphere™ Sound

WideSphere™ technology was developed for the world renowned ‘Q’ Series Speakers. However, this incredible technology is now available in the Premium, Z-Line, X-Line, and Discus series car speakers as well.

Pictured above is the ZT1-125 component tweeter, featuring WideSphere WideSphere™ Technology available separately. This component tweeter is perfect for when additional high end is desirable.  

WideSphere™ Technology allows the tweeter to develop a wider listening area for off axis listening. This is also referred to as the “sweet spot” in the sound stage.

MB Quart Z-Line Component System with WideSphere™ Technology

MB Quart Premium Component Speakers with WideSphere Technology Tweeters

Achieving this is very important in mobile audio applications as the stereo image can be cluttered due to tweeters being located in lower doors and the top of dashboards. Clearly, not an ideal listening position for high end audio.

Check out this video from 2009, featuring a custom MB Quart installation featuring the WideSphere installed in a rare BMW Z8.

MB Quart engineers continue to develop technologies that dramatically improve the listening experience. Stay tuned for additional developments.

Below is a full Z-Line component system with WideSphere™ Technology

Some of the recent MB Quart models featuring WideSphere™ Technology

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