MB Quart Universal Overhead Systems feature high-performance and clear sound.

Sound that takes your audio to an entirely new listening experience. Performance that brings the best out of every song you crave to hear. NEW Universal Overhead Systems from MB Quart promise high-quality sound that’s clean and places you in the center of your own concert. With 3 models to choose from including a 33.5”, 41”, and 46”, you can find the perfect size that will fit your vehicle’s needs. With these systems being universal, they can mount in any UTV vehicle with multiple cage styles while featuring easy installation.


Brian Sherman, Vice President of Product and Marketing said, “It’s no secret that powersports have become a big part of MB Quart’s business, but we’ve really needed a good practical cage-mounted universal product solution for UTV. These new Universal Overhead Soundbars represent a huge step for us.


Included in every model is a 160-watt, GMR-LCD source unit to promise higher sound quality and complete control of your music. With AM/FM, Bluetooth, Apple iPod/iPhone control all within a built-in 5-band equalizer, the GMR-LCD promises many options for your audio coupled with big power. High-impact HDPE composite enclosure takes up minimal space and integrated touch-controlled dome light provides necessary light inside your UTV.

A closer look at the 160-watt, GMR-LCD source unit on the MBQOH41-1
USB input on the MBQOH33-1


  • Purposely engineered UTV tuned audio
  • Mounting system for multiple cage styles
  • High contrast 160-Watt LCD source unit
  • 4 6.5-inch coaxial speakers
  • High-impact HDPE composite enclosure 
  • Integrated touch-controlled dome light
A closer look at the grill of the MBQOH46-1
An overhead view of the round harness on the MBQOH46-1
An angled side view of the round harness on the MBQOH46-1

We’re going to launch with 3 different sizes to cover just about every UTV on the trail today. The design features a precision-molded HDPE enclosure with a uniform texture that will fit into any UTV along with mounting brackets that will allow for installation on just about any UTV on the road. Each one is equipped with an Autotek off-road capacitive touch dome light, MaxxLink PSAP-2USB input, 4 shallow-mount coaxial speakers, and our new GMR-LCD source unit. It truly is a complete solution but if you want more, the system features a 4-channel, 4-volt pre-amp output to add more amplifiers and speakers,” concluded Sherman.

An angled view of the source unit on the MBQOH46-1

Designed for your audio, innovation pushed to the limit, MB Quart engineers have worked on bringing out every detail in your music for a rich listening experience. High-performance. Clear sound. Universal Overhead Systems for any UTV vehicle.

Learn more about the entire lineup of MB Quart Universal Overhead Systems on the MB Quart website HERE.