When you choose Polaris audio products, they are made to plug into each other very easily. The SOUNDBARS plug into EXTREME AUDIO PODS or a SUBWOOFER… and the Bluetooth Controller can plug into all the same.

While the Bluetooth controller shown here, plugs easily into the Extreme Audio Pods, you might need an extension depending on the size of your vehicle.

For instance, this system in a 4 seat RZR, needs the extension cable from your dealer or direct from Polaris.

The cable is only $10.00 on the Polaris page, part #2881652. GET IT  

If you’re going to run 2 pairs of PODS or a pair of PODS and a Subwoofer you will need to split your cable.

This product is also on the Polaris page, PART # 2881651 for $20.00.  GET IT  

On several system designs, the Ultimate Harness is the best way to go for Power, Ground and Accessory connections. Plus you have the convenience of an extra connection for a light bar. Here you can see SOUNDBARS installed in the front with EXTREME AUDIO PODS in the rear, all connected with the Ultimate Harness. The audio connections are still handled by the JST connectors.

The challenge of course is… what do you do when you start plugging Polaris gear into NON-Polaris gear??  


Remember that small white connector is called a JST connector. In Polaris Audio engineering terms, it acts like a set of RCA jacks. However, the JST is more secure and resists the elements, that is why the JST is a better connector for your ORV.

If you need to adapt it to either male or female JST or RCA connectors, we have you covered. And, they are only $10.00 each. It’s a good idea to get one of each and then you are covered.

Take a good look at the connectors on your Polaris unit and you can decide which you need. Here are some examples:




Here are the two different styles of adapters.

This is the JSTMRCA2F – is a MALE JST and has FEMALE RCA adapters. GET IT

This is the FEMALE RCA connection.

This is a MALE JST connector

This is the  JSTFRCA2M – it is a FEMALE JST and has MALE RCA adapters. It adapts GET IT

Clearly, that is a MALE RCA connection

You got it, this is the FEMALE JST.