Nautic Marine Speakers

  • Nautic NK1 Marine Speakers Black White
  • Nautic NK1 Marine Speakers Installed
  • Nautic NK1 Marine Speakers Installed

Making speakers for marine and powersports applications is a tough task. The team at MB Quart has been offering true high-quality marine and powersports speakers since 1986 and has perfected the techniques necessary to provide the best of both worlds. The NK1 series of marine and powersports speakers are the latest evolution of the industries most coveted and respected speaker line. Each NK1 coaxial speaker (available in 6.5”, 6x9” and 8”) utilizes a proprietary composite basket, magnet cover and grill to ensure reliability.

Life Shield
When you see this Life Shield badge on an MB Quart product, you can rest assured you are choosing a product that has been designed and tested against the elements. Whether it’s waterproof, dust proof, snow proof or shock proof, you will know that this product has been built to handle the outdoors.

Nautic Marine Speakers
Titanium Tweeter
The NK1 speakers all feature a 1” (25mm) Titanium Tweeter which delivers very musical sound quality with intense SPL.

Nautic Marine Speakers
UV Protected
These marine and power sports speakers are designed with a UV protected Thermal Formed Polypropylene Cone which will deliver deep bass and high volume while being protected from the sun, sand and water spray.

Nautic Marine Speakers
Grill Protection
The grills are integrated into the speaker to help seal the assembly which adds to the protection against the elements. The speaker frame and integrated grill are also UV protected which will help prevent color fade.

Nautic Marine Speakers
Water Resistant Spider
The NA-1 Marine and power sports speakers utilize a woven red aramid fiber composite spider to stabilize the cone and voice coil in all musical situations. Armid fibers do not degrade over time and are not susceptible to temperature swings.

Nautic Marine Speakers
High Energy
Y30 Motor - High energy strontium ferrite magnet for higher output with minimal amplifier power, sealed against the elements.

Lighting Systems
For the illuminated models “L” there is limitless color choices. Optional N1-RC required for control of lighting systems and to sync multiple illuminated speakers.

Nautic Marine Speakers

  1. NK1-120LB Nautic Speaker Sys : 8" 2-way coaxial illuminated

    8" 2-way Illuminated Coaxial Black Nautic Speaker System ⇒ Details & Images

  2. NK1-169L Nautic Speaker Sys : 6x9" 2-way coaxial illuminated

    6 x 9" 2-way Illuminated Coaxial Nautic Speaker System (Oval) ⇒ Details & Images

  3. NK1-116LB Nautic Speaker Sys : 6.5" 2-way coaxial illuminated

    6.5" 2-way Illuminated Coaxial Black Nautic Speaker System ⇒ Details & Images

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