RZR® Dash Amplifier

  • Polaris RZR Dash Amplifier
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Part # 2882122
All speakers sound better with additional power. The RZR Dash Amplifier is a high power amplifier that is specifically to augment your audio system when running the RZR Door Speakers by giving them the power they need to play loud and sound incredible.
  • 300 Watt 2 channel amplifier will deliver plenty of power
  • Adjustable input gain
  • Polaris connectors assure watertight connections
  • Installs behind the speedometer
  • Waterproof IPX67
RZR Dash Amplifier
The RZR Amplifier is pushing out an incredible 300 watts into two channels. To focus on sound quality, the MB Quart engineers have incorporated the Q-Stasis preamp stage which provides ultra-low noise through the single path. That low noise input is paired with our Class Q1 proprietary Full Range Class D Topology for a real sound quality powerhouse.

To control the system, especially when paired with the RZR Subwoofer, Sound Bars or Extreme Audio Pods, there is an adjustable input sensitivity control.
RZR Dash Amplifier
The RZR dash mount is included with the amplifier, which easily mounts easily behind the speedo. Additionally, the integrated wiring connects directly to the busbar while the waterproof JST signal input connects to other Polaris Audio products by MB Quart.
Fully potted circuit board waterproofs the internal electrical components and reduces vibration related failures. All connections are waterproof.
Designed by Polaris® and MB Quart
The RZR Dash Amplifier is a collaboration between Polaris product development teams and MBQuart audio engineers and product designers.
Polaris Dealer Exclusive
Polaris® Exclusive by MB Quart
MB Quart Audio products for Polaris ORV are only available from your local Polaris dealer or the Polaris website. For more information about applications or installation, check with your local Polaris dealer or follow the links to your page on the Polaris website.
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RC1-2JST-F Plug

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RC1-2JST-F Plug

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Part#: RC1-2JST-F


Ride Command to JST Female Connector


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Adapts the custom Ride Command plug from the rear of the Polaris Ride command and adapts to a female Polaris JST connector to run audio signal “OUT” of Ride Command and “IN” to an amplifier, out to Extreme Audio Pods, or other OFF-ROAD GRADE AUDIO from MB Quart. Additionally, there is a blue power wire, also called a “turn-on” wire, which tells amplifiers, Extreme Audio Pods, or other audio components to turn “ON” when Ride Command is powered up.

This adapter does not support non-MB Quart audio product.

Category: Polaris® Audio
SKU: 806576227687
Part #: RC1-2JST-F

  • Accessory Type
  • Product Weight
    0.2 lbs (3 oz)

Features & Benefits
  • Source Type: Hideaway Adaptor
    Convert Polaris Ride Command audio output to JST connector.
    Includes blue power wire for remote "turn on" of audio components.

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